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The United States is refusing to recognize the outcome of the recent presidential election in Venezuela, which Chavez ally Nicholas Maduro won with 50.7% of the vote. Washington, virtually alone in ...
by Justin Zachary
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Chavez may be nuts, but this time, beneath his usual huffing and puffing, he's right. Colombia attacks inside Ecuador's border, Uribe lies to President Correa of Ecuador by saying it was done 'in ...
by SinDuda
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My state's newspapers come in two flavors: Extremely right of center, and just slightly less right of center. Despite being a Democratic state, the state of the media is deplorable as demonstrated ...
by electronicmaji
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So I'm working the flip side of the time change here to pimp my web ad I created. I fell a few recs short of the rec list and people really liked it so I thought I'd re-post since It got pushed ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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Note the fact that he just conceded defeat, on a referendum on which he had pinned immense personal hopes -- with less than a 1% vote difference. A dictator -- or our current administration in ...
by samizdat
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In the wake of public outcry over the recent actions by Israel in Gaza, Venezuela has become a hotbed of anti-Semitism. The culmination of this anti-Semitic sentiment was a Jan. 30th attack on the ...
by Red Sox
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I've never posted a diary before but the response to Hugo's death has brought me out of hibernation. When it comes to Hugo Chavez, it appears as if people do not let those pesky things called facts ...
by winnerforlife
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It is shameful to see all of the comments in support of Hugo Chavez after his passing. He was an authoritarian, plain and simple and created a cult of personality to mask his woeful management of ...
by buildrail
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If you read the Washington Post as religiously as I do, you probably have a pretty good grasp of the taxonomy of Latin American leaders.
by Joshua Holland
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With so much controversy over this vote, I am astounded there is no real thread for following the returns and the outcome. So I am creating one with some links for coverage and infomation. http://
by CarolDuhart
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Sean Penn writes ... Then there's Newt Gingrich, who commented on the Chavez greeting ...
by ArthurPoet
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I just watched on CNN as Barack Obama spoke in Wisconsin. He was brilliant! Direct and strong, funny, inspiring and genuine. After speaking a bit in heartfelt tones to the tragedy we are going ...
by abrelaboquita
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Harry Truman famously quipped : "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth about them and they think it's Hell."
by BoldProgressives
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Today is a good day for the new version of socialism, the 21th century socialism who is already the ideology if Bolivia and Ecuador, two countries where the abandoned poor, the workers who earned ...
by progressive socialism
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by LeftHandedMan
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I've had worse reasons to get joyously drunk than the ...
by redsmear1
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The mainstream press is not mainstream. It is radical. It is a willing instrument of U.S. foreign policy makers to help prepare the public to accept, and often cheer, U. S. coups, invasions, and ...
by Magbana
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by heathlander
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I know its become the famous picture for the conservative pundits and even MSNBC and CNN. I wasnt surprised to see the picture of Obama shaking and laughing with Chavez on TV again today. But the ...
by houskin
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by daveweigel
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