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The Examiner is reporting that Washington, D.C. Police Chief ...
by stunspot
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We gathered yesterday, Gentle Reader, for a discussion of the constitutionality of highway sobriety checkpoints. In yesterday’s episode we learned that the Fourth Amendment, according to ...
by fake consultant
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The holidays are in full swing...or at least they are in the US...which means your days—and nights—are full of running around like crazy. There’s a million things to do, a thousand ...
by fake consultant
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by mattes
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We all have our pet peeves. One of mine is checkpoints on roads. Seatbelt checkpoints, license/registration/insurance checkpoints, and DUI checkpoints all represent a questionable use of tax dollars,
by Mostel26
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I was driving home from a store last week when I had to stop at a checkpoint that had been set up by law enforcement at the corner of Highway 99 and NW 136th Avenue. There were numerous cars in ...
by BigAlinWashSt
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