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Hold your horses, it is not over in Arizona for some key races, including the Barber /McSally congressional race and Carmona /Flake senatorial race, and possibly the Arpaio/Penzone race. Perchance ...
by manyamile
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From the Tucson Weekly, 9 am on November 16: The latest numbers from the Arizona Secretary of State's Office show that Congressman Ron Barber now leads GOP challenger Martha McSally by 932 votes. ...
by chloris creator
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Ron Barber (D) has pulled ahead again in the race for Gabby Giffords's old seat against challenger Martha McSally (R). In this Phoenix News piece the relevant paragraphs are: Down in Tucson, the ...
by chloris creator
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I've been waiting for a Christian voice to reclaim the moral high ground from the so-called Christian Right. This could be the beginning of a sea change in our national politics and the death knell ...
by Arrogant Ape
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UPDATE: The recount process, at least for early voting ballots, includes more examination by human eyes than it seemed to me at first, though it remains true that many, if not most, of the ballots ...
by Midwest Millian
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I haven't seen this written here so I wanted to share it. Ron Barber was wounded in the attack on Giffords last year. Now he'll run to complete her term. More below.
by tremayne
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My father, Bill, was maybe 12 or 13 years old when he met his Uncle George for the first time. Timestamp about 1933? ... Dad remembers that he had just started high school. He didn’t even know ...
by Lady Libertine
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For those who are wondering what is happening with Gabby Giffords' old seat, well, you can keep on wondering. According to the Tucson Weekly , McSally is ahead by all of 36 votes right now. ...
by chloris creator
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The Arizona CD02 election has been too close to call, but at least one paper is saying that the winner is Ron Barber - Gabby Giffords' campaign manager, also wounded in that shooting. From The ...
by chloris creator
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Arizona.. my crazy state I sit here in my 2008 Obama Mama t-shirt, thinking how hopeful y'all must be in North Dakota about Heitkamp's chances. How Merry in Massachusetts with Warren Inspired in ...
by biscobosco
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