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The public has been badly served by the media. Government raids against farmers are not being covered and most particularly the connection between the raids and the vested corporate interests being ...
by Scaredhuman
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This poster was created in 1919. The government thought this constituted a healthy meal. A lot has changed about our dietary needs. We have had years of carb loading as an official government ...
by jim in IA
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It’s time to update an article I wrote well over a year ago when I was recovering from statin drug toxicity. At the time, it was attacking all of my tendons and muscles and I spent 8 months in ...
by reallypissedoff
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I am not a medical professional. I have a cardiologist and regularly see him since the, um... "incident" in 2006. Starting in 2006 my total cholesterol (TC) target was 150 and we managed the ...
by i dunno
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If anyone was wondering why RPO has been silent for the past two months, it’s due to my toxic reaction to statin drugs for elevated ...
by reallypissedoff
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My grandfather once told me, when he was in his 70s, that each day the first part of the morning paper he read was the obituaries - to see who among his contemporaries had passed. He had by that ...
by teacherken
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by BrianMcFadden
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As everyone knows, I had my gallbladder out in late June. Because of this, I had to limit my intake of fats quite a bit to avoid what I like to call an Unpleasant Digestive Episode. This means ...
by Ellid
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Advertising Passed Off As Research: Drug company researchers must be held accountable like stockbrokers and bankers, for their deceit and damage to public health.
by Yo yo yo
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Having no dogs, or kittens to show you,
by Ole Texan
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At the very end of the diary is an introduction to using free MEDSCAPE links/articles like this: very easy and worth it. Teenagers and college students may enjoy this one. The human body as a ...
by mettle fatigue
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I am going to take a break from the Mandate Wars... for now. Today's New York Times ...
by DrSteveB
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HCR is great, but it's not enough to make us a healthy nation. We've still got to take responsibility for our own bodies - our own routines - our own habits. And - if at all possible - we need ...
by chloris creator
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Much has been written about the healthcare crisis in the country -- almost 50 million uninsured, costs continuing to escalate driving businesses out of business. But the thing that doesn't ...
by sam2300
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Sugar, whether we stir it into our coffee, drink it in our sodas or consume it in the many processed foods that surround us, is certainly harming our health - possibly in ways that many people do ...
by chloris creator
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In a diary I published here last Tuesday , I advocated being a responsible omnivore - that is, eating meat, seafood (and, by the way, vegetables) that have been brought to market in a sustainable ...
by ObamOcala
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Oh Boy...
by Food Vigilante
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And I've drawn a blank on food, so I figure that I should give you some videos for inspiration. Note that these are not safe for work, for your coronary arteries, or your sanity, but the boyz from ...
by LunkHead
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