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A couple of days ago, John Boehner wrote an op-ed " Obama trampling Constitution " for our local paper. Jerry Mouch, a friend who has known Boehner for over 50 years, wrote a letter to the editor ...
by akadjian
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I just wanted to go to work this morning. On the way to work though, I made the mistake of stopping for a bagel, and the following stared up at me as I was getting coffee. While I'm glad the ...
by akadjian
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A new meme is evolving that Obama just might have a chance with some Appalachia voters. While he may not "win" Appalachia, any erosion of Republican support in these areas is progress and several ...
by Underground in Ohio
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by Christian Dem in NC
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Typically, we think of conservatives as just "not getting it" or we label them "low information". I'd like to tell you a slightly different story. Conservatives know exactly what they're doing. ...
by akadjian
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So my local paper (the Cincinnati Enquirer) regularly requests reader opinions on subjects, from which they pick and choose a few to print in the Saturday Editions. Well, I had something to say ...
by athenap
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Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson has an ...
by quaoar
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Cross-posted at Immigration ...
by kyledeb
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It's been a rough week for Cincinnati Enquirer columnist and wingnut hack Peter Bronson.
by Living in Gin
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The nation's largest newspaper chain, Gannett, owner of the Springfield News-Leader in my corner of Missouri and USA Today, is at it again. The newspaper chain, which has become notorious in ...
by rturner229
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I'm writing this diary so as to pass on some useful knowledge I gained tonight: Just because your local paper endorses McCain, do not assume the entire corporation is in the GOP's pocket. ...
by craigf
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I grew up in Cincinnati, and like anybody's hometown, there are certain distinguishing characteristics and local institutions that give the place its character and distinguish it from other cities. ...
by Living in Gin
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Ohio's primary election is tomorrow. Two editorial commentaries on the OH-02 congressional race have been published in the past few days, one honest, the other not. The honest ...
by Ohiobama
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