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The Bush administration is placing political appointees at various agencies in more permanent senior civil service positions in order to sustain Bush policy under the Obama administration. The ...
by LithiumCola
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. Rumor has it that Bill O’Reilly’s attack on Daily Kos was, at least in part, triggered by me. Or specifically by my ...
by David Brin
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Meteor Blades wrote about it today. Please read that first. But this is a meme I've been ...
by webranding
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Yesterday, it became public that Stephen Heyman oversaw TWO excessive prosecutions of hacker-defendants who committed suicide, Aaron Swartz and Jonathan James . There are multiple petitions ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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Today in the Baltimore Sun, a reader sent in the following "observations": Your article "Panel to propose raising the bar for state pensions" points out the ridiculous benefits public ...
by captainlaser
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by Maccabee
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Nobody appears to have picked up on this story yet, so you're stuck with my take on it. Just so you're warned, some ranting is included further down. As most here know, voters in the state of ...
by sfbob
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Stunning - particularly the first 6 minutes (apologies for the ad in the beginning):
by Puddytat
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...and what it means for how I function here. The Hatch Act , originally passed in 1939 and updated periodically, defines what political activities a federal employee may and may not engage in. I'...
by sfbob
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I've spent the past 20 years of my life working in government, at all levels, mostly in the state of Texas, where I achieved the highest position one can achieve without being elected to office. I'...
by CrazyHorse
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Two days ago I heard a very brief blurb on MSNBC, reporting that Michael Chertoff, from the goodness of his heart, is filling all vacant positions within Homeland Security. Packing the house. ...
by Granny Doc
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One question that has arisen, is whether, assuming Obama wins, we can get rid of the packing of government positions with Reopublican idealogues. It is important to remember that far more then any ...
by DrSteveB
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One of our beleaguered senior federal professionals - who happens to be a fan - wrote in: “One of my employees tried to check out your blog on his government computer. Red flags went off ...
by David Brin
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Some of the proposals I’ve been offering may be “unusual” - unspoken elsewhere - simply because they seem... well... boring!  Have you heard anyone else raise the ...
by David Brin
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by Boadicaea
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In the spring of 1967, I had just turned 22 and was hired by the Federal Government Civil Service merit program in what to my knowledge was an experiment. I was one of two women in the country to ...
by yoduuuh do or do not
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Below the fold a Diary I think needs to be reposted in light of the Republicans wanting to shut down our government. IMHO government is good. The government paid for my health care ...
by webranding
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I started this as a comment on the diary about the guy in California who killed himself after being laid off. But after I got everything down that I felt needed to be said, I realized it stands ...
by RamblinDave
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Although I'm a Democrat and proudly so, I was once a Republican. This at the start of the Reagan years, when I was in my early 20s and still largely believing what I had heard in my childhood. A ...
by NCrissieB
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I've said what I am about to say in comment after comment here. Never in a Diary. I come from a family of Republicans. Sane Republicans. You couldn't pay them to watch Glenn Beck or listen to Rush. ...
by webranding
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