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It turns out that Big Coal and their Blue Dog allies attached provisions to the energy bill that repeal a ...
by Joe Buck
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Today there is sad news out of Roane County, Tenn .: A retention pond at ...
by Bruce Nilles
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Original: RFK Jr Confirms: ABC Headline was Purposefully Provocative ...
by Josh Nelson
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There are few people more beloved by generations of America's parents and America's youth than Dr Seuss, ...
by A Siegel
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By now anybody paying attention is aware of the massive spill of coal-ash sludge that took place in Roane County, Tennessee earlier this week, dumping a reported 1.7 million cubic yards of toxic ...
by The Baculum King
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Australia is at the other side of the planet and facing extremes that we have yet to deal with. Sure, we've had floods, hurricanes and fires this year, but not to the extent of Australia. Is ...
by Ellinorianne
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by Page van der Linden
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I was recently asked by a friend to contribute to a sort of compact reference on fracking (you can see the product here ). As I was working on the section on the economics of fracking, it struck me ...
by joe shikspack
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In a speech at the National Press Club Friday morning, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy announced long-awaited carbon dioxide emission standards for new coal- and ...
by Meteor Blades
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by Mark Fiore
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This article is written by David Sassoon, Founder of SolveClimate , and is posted in full with his permission.
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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For the the third day in a row, 300,000 West Virginia citizens are unable to use their water because of a chemical spill that occurred on Thursday. A press conference was held earlier this afternoon:
by jan4insight
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A chilling article in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette drives another spike into coal industry attempts to portray their product as a source of "clean energy." Headlined New Rules Aim to Curb Black ...
by dweb8231
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“But you can't start. Only a baby can start. You and me - why, we're all that's been. The anger of a moment, the thousand pictures, that's us. This land, this red land, is us; and the flood years ...
by Virally Suppressed
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Original: EnviroKnow: ABC News Intentionally Misleading Viewers with ...
by Josh Nelson
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Illinois is attempting to become ground zero for clean coal projects. That effort cost state taxpayers millions of dollars for failed coal plants that will never be built. I recently filed a Freedom ...
by Willinois
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Obama has a great proposal for reducing greenhouse gases through large incentives for the development of a massive US renewable energy sector, but all is for naught if he continues to tout clean ...
by Desmogblog
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Yesterday I caught a TV ad directly attacking the EPA as a job killer with outrageous, frightening imagery. It shows a corral with people peering through a fence like prisoners,
by xaxnar
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The EPA today took a major step in declaring greenhouse gas pollution a danger to the public, increasing the ...
by dday
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Following on from my last diary on wave power projects , I've been looking high and low for a detailed look at the Green ...
by axel000
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