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Senator Elizabeth Warren has noted that ISDS is a policy in the new TPP, and she, other lawmakers, environmentalists and human right activists object to ISDS for good reasons. The full name of ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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Over 2000 showed up in Richmond, CA on Saturday as part of the Summer of Heat to mark the One Year Anniversary of the Chevron Fire. Just returned from the Summer of Heat rally outside Chevron ...
by boatsie
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Tonight's EcoAdvocates edition includes a guest post by by Dave Rauschkolb , founder of Hands Across the Sand , the June ...
by boatsie
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A father carries his sons through Pakistan flood waters. Photo credit: REUTERS/ Andrees Latif "We can no longer ...
by boatsie
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President Obama has been working hard to restore U.S. moral ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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Two million people have no water. Crops are wiped out in the northern half of the country. The worst drought in Mexico's history is likely to worsen until summer rains come devastating the northern ...
by FishOutofWater
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Fed Up with it all! Dressed in white shirts, NGOs and members of civil society leave the National Stadium, dropping their badges in box with plans to convene at nearby Nowy Swiat, across the ...
by boatsie
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by The Poet Deploreate
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This diary is written by Aji and Wings. One of the great advantages of the Kos Katalogue is that it provides both buyers and sellers a chance to do business with fellow liberals who support ...
by Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse
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This afternoon I made a rather happy discovery as my inexpert mind attempted to digest the recent announcement that reinsurance giant Munich Re plans to collaborate with Germany's Gesellschaft für ...
by jencke
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"We are not taking into account that we are all passengers on the same lifeboat. The climate ark. The climate ark ...
by boatsie
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An early morning cyclist in the Old Town Market place, which was reconstructed between 1948–1953. Warsaw, Poland. November 18, 2013: From their elevated positions on the podiums at both official ...
by boatsie
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In the United States, people concerned about climate change focus much of their energy on how to communicate the facts about climate in the face of a well-funded campaign of disinformation on the ...
by James Wells
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by boatsie
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Dateline: USA. Spring 2011 (Combined N(y)o͞oz Services) Record breaking wildfires devastate Texas ... ... Over half an Iowa town dessimated by tornadoes: "It was huge, just ...
by boatsie
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As long as fossil fuels remain artificially cheap and profitable , their rising use threatens civilization and human survival. Correcting this massive market failure from driving us beyond all ...
by wild thang
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In a stunning series of short films depicting last summer's biblical floods, Pakistan today issued a passionate and powerful appeal to the heart and soul of the international community. Calling for ...
by boatsie
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It's Oscar night. La crème de la crème of Hollywood gather for yet another over-the-top display of flitter and flash, yet another disconnect distracting us from owning and acting on the core ...
by boatsie
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“All countries need to do their fair share to tackle climate change. Yet rich industrialized countries which are most responsible for the climate crisis are not pulling their weight. “It’...
by boatsie
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by boatsie
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