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Bangor's longest running news team -- on a combination ABC and Faux News affiliate -- quit their jobs to the surprise of colleagues and viewers. Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio have been ...
by A Siegel
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You've all heard it before: the climate records have been manipulated, altered, adjusted, forced to fit preconceived theories, it's the urban heat island, it's termometers next to air conditioners, ...
by Keith Pickering
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When prominent climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann informed the National Review that, unless they retracted, he would sue them for their defamatory attacks on his climate science work, the National ...
by LeftOfYou
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As many of you have probably already seen, the Midwest is facing severe weather , with the town of Washington, Illinois, already hit very badly: "A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado" ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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A storm that formed off the Aleutian islands is preparing to move inland ...
by Steven D
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Black Sunday , April 14, 1935, Dodge City, Kansas --
by jamess
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You are likely aware that the Bush-Cheney Administration put a fossil-foolish lobbyist in a position to edit and change material like Federal government climate change reports . The man -- the ...
by A Siegel
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And you thought it was Hot in your neck of the woods, this summer. Just take a serious look at the Texas Broiler that's been set on Scorching all summer ...
by jamess
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Increasingly, it seems, we need to look to 'a-traditional media outlets' like John Stewart and Stephen Colbert for (the most) truthful discussion about the nation's challenges and opportunities. ...
by A Siegel
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A bit unreasonable, since many Mormons read the Deseret , but is there reason to believe that Etch-A-...
by A Siegel
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Canada's version of Faux News and the Washington Times , The National Post , has ...
by A Siegel
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This should be Headline News, emblazoned across the National Agenda ... The Climate Deniers -- got Denied! The Planet is indeed warming due to human influence ...
by jamess
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In a very broad way, climate specialists have laid down a target for climate mitigation: keep global warming below two degrees centigrade and we have a decent chance ...
by A Siegel
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With Earth Day rapidly approaching, it seems like the perfect time to discuss recent climate science findings. Let's take a peek at the glaciers of the Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina. As ...
by DWG
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With 1998 either being the hottest or one of the hottest (dependent on which temperature record set one works with) years in recorded history, a constant refrain has been "there has been no warming ...
by A Siegel
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Two new papers on our rapidly changing climate deserve our attention. Sadly, as environmental journalism dies, few outside the scientific community are likely to be aware of the findings. The ...
by DWG
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The future of the Arctic is taking shape. Let's take a look at climate change in action.
by DWG
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Few people find it easy to accept ideas that run counter to their own beliefs, prejudices and education. We who recognize and accept the scientific evidence that our planet's climate is being ...
by Steven D
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The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches From The Front Lines by Dr. Michael Mann, Ph.D Columbia ...
by DarkSyde
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Several months ago, Google announced with some fanfare the creation of a new Science Communication Fellowship ...
by DWG
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