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Kent Conrad, Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman and Harry Reid, I'm talking to you. Because we're sick of hearing your lame excuses. We're tired of necessary legislation like health care reform ...
by meldroc
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Kent Conrad (D-ND) is one of the gang of six – the Senators on the Finance Committee who are trying to figure out how to pay for health care reform. Conrad has been pushing for a co-op plan, ...
by Dbug
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From ThinkProgress.org Sen. Snowe, regarding a "trigger" for a Public Option Snowe:
by MinistryOfTruth
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Why can't we start our OWN Public Option--a non-profit,health insurance coop, for example. Or our OWN health savings accounts that don't charge the $5/month fee.
by ArchitectforAmerica
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I am beginning to believe that President Obama has this figured out, and that we WILL get HCR and a Public Option. Why do I believe this? Let me explain. But first you have ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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This website reminds sometimes of when I lived in a co-op in college. UC Berkeley has one of the largest student owned and student operated co op systems in the country. https://www.bsc.coop/ ...
by sideboth
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. Senator Kent Conrad ([http://crooksandliars.com/john-amato/sen-kent-conrad-says-screw-you-health-c Shill-Insurance Industry]) continues to bang away at his One Man Band for Health Care Co-ops, as ...
by BenGoshi
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I happened to read socialist butterfly's recommended diary regarding the loss of her local grocery store. It hits close ...
by SuperSonic Dog
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by Professor Smartass
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by shortfinals
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Back in January, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman presciently warned President Obama about the GOP's bad faith in negotiating ...
by Jon Perr
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In late July, 1999, on a day when I was supposed to be apartment hunting in Tucson, Arizona, for my future temp position at University of Arizona, I had to instead spend a few hours on the phone ...
by norm
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Last week Washington State's Maria Cantwell was voted the Sexiest Senator . Maybe if you're into Nurse ...
by JerichoJ8
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I was wondering why our Democratic members of the Senate of The United States Senate weren’t able to pass any sort of healthcare bill without bending over backwards to placate the healthcare ...
by happyinfla10
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We're going to see a lot of these kinds of "compromises" from now until we pass a health reform bill through Congress. First, we had the "trigger" proposal, designed to effectively kill a public ...
by Jason Rosenbaum
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Many recent diaries and comments have covered or celebrated the removal of funds from large banks and their transfer to smaller, more local financial institutions, primarily credit ...
by itzik shpitzik
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This past Tuesday, I went to a private screening of Michael Moore's new movie, Capitalism, A Love Story, at the Rialto Theater in Santa Rosa, California. I went as a guest of a friend that works at ...
by okofay
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(From TWD ) Fitting that lies get exposed when they are so under the radar, because CNN's bland ...
by sluggahjells
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Here are some of the lessons I've learned as an activist since the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Sept 17, 2011. Personal Empowerment = Social Empowerment As we learn to accept and ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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(InArtsNW) Photo by Mark Taylor-Canfield The Problem It's no surprise that affordable housing for artists is disappearing across the US as most cities continue to experience rapid development.
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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