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At Energy Boom : CBS has footage of their reporters being turned away from a public beach ...
by CowKingDeluxe
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Here's a Town, that said "Hell No, to the Crude" -- NOT on their Watch! Magnolia Springs, Alabama, Weeks Bay. Updated: Tuesday, June 8, ...
by jamess
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A friend forwarded me this AP story yesterday, Widening Sex Scandal Rocks Texas AFB . Looks like it finally hit big time news as CBS , ABC , and ...
by angelajean
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I am the admin for the progressive community blog in Utah . One of the other contributors (
by Marshall Collins
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While the search for the missing Malaysian 777 still goes on, there's another search close to an ending after 70+ years. It's a tale of incredible heroism, sacrifice, tragedy, and determination. ...
by xaxnar
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In 2004, 28 oil wells located 11 miles off the coastlines of Louisiana that are owned and operated by Taylor Energy, were destroyed by a mudslide caused by Hurricane Ivan. The consequences of this ...
by Pakalolo
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I am halfway between disgust and despair: Congress is considering an array of major deficit-reduction initiatives, including options to: freeze military pay raises and/or ...
by angelajean
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Wonder why Republicans aren't making a big deal about defense cuts? When you call your Congressman to tell him or her how to vote on this debt limit - ask them if the defense cuts are coming from ...
by angelajean
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Remind me, who are the takers again? A cruise ship is the very model of free enterprise at work, no? A conservative's 'wet' dream if you will. News of over 3,000 passengers stranded on a ...
by eXtina
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The New Orleans Times-Picayune has been reporting massive plumes of weathered oil off the ...
by DWG
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It seems like I can't open an email about veterans without seeing reference to Agent Orange this week. Did you realize that Agent Orange is still a problem, not only for our Vietnam Vets but for ...
by angelajean
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There had been problems, widely reported, during the Peace March, apparently from masked anarchists, detailed in another diary, here .
by Roadette
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I received a Kosmail from postmodernista that I thought worthy of sharing with Kibitzers. She says her daughter, KitKat , has a request for Kossacks ...
by remembrance
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Hey y'all did you hear I am a "psyco [sic] jizz gobbler" and a "slam pig" Of course you did-rape survivor and name calling they go hand in hand. Its okay. I know that if Mother Theresa (RIP MT) was ...
by Panayiota Bertzikis
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For months EGT, a wholly owned subsidiary of multinational corporation Bunge, Inc, kept ILWU Local 21 members from working the Port of Longview, WA. They had been replaced by other grain elevator ...
by jpmassar
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Just a brief shout out to Climate Change Deniers -- who'd rather prosecute Scientists , than look out their ...
by jamess
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Last November, I sat nervously in a chair situated opposite a desk. That's an unspectacular occurrence, except that this chair and this desk belonged to an Air Force colonel, and I was there for a ...
by Grizzard
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Topics: Houston company accepts responsibility for oil spill off Louisiana, Shallow Gulf well is source of mysterious oil sheen near Grand Isle, state official says, Source of 30-mile oil spill in ...
by peraspera
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2007 saw a record in the loss of sea ice at Earth's northern pole. Earlier this year, observers, such as the U. S. National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) put out word that 2008 would not see ...
by Boxer7
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The United States Coast Guard, established in 1790, is both a military and law enforcement service. Its role includes enforcement of U.S. maritime law, coastal defense, and search and rescue. ...
by Ojibwa
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