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Berkeley, CA. February 24, 2009. As President Obama prepares to address a joint session of Congress, what can we expect to hear? The pundits will stress the nuts-and-bolts policy issues:
by George Lakoff
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In the interest of preserving civil discourse and honesty in diaries on Daily Kos, the following filters are going to be added to comments and diaries posted on the site. If the filter ...
by ct
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Throughout the Fukushima nuclear disaster, an odd thing could be noted. The US seems to be taking a much more concerned approach toward evacuation than Japan has. The Japanese government only just ...
by Rei
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Breaking news: Sequoia Voting Systems has inadvertently released the SQL (Structured Query Language) code for its voting databases. The existence of such ...
by Mokurai
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I was at a Dem organization watching a Bush/Kerry debate in 2004 and one of the strongest memories I have of that debate is scratching my head when Bush, talking about the Supreme Court, brought out ...
by ThatTallGuy
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His lines may be better delivered, but Barack Obama is sounding – and acting – more like the heir to George W. Bush than the change-maker sold to the public in his 
by medeabenjamin
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by Bob Johnson
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Bare Left 's Diary Entry, The Real Mission Accomplished - Revised & Expanded , does a great job of explaining how ...
by Mokurai
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Last week the Washington Post obtained confidential portions of a report for the Pentagon by the Defense Science Board that warned that Chinese hackers had cracked into the programs for many of the ...
by Bud Meyers
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I'm going to argue no . I will say that many people I have met who call themselves Christians are followers of Christ, but I will simultaneously argue that you cannot both ...
by Philoguy
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Probably since Ada Lovelace's time, there have been attempts to find better, more reproducible ways of creating software. Software engineering is a field that is so immature, so young in the world ...
by angryea
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George Will is a silky scorpion, a velvet stiletto. His column which ran in my local paper yesterday is disturbing for its coded racism.
by mmiddle
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I'll bet that 90% of the people who think of themselves as conservative don't know the principles upon which conservatism is founded. For most conservatives the one fundamental belief is in the ...
by infotrage
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This is part two of my essay on conservative principles. Aloysha, after reading part one, refered me to a 2004 essay by Philip Agre on the same subject and I recommend this as another thoughtful ...
by infotrage
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The pre-world war two conservatives were elitist, individualistic isolationists. They had great contempt for the masses. Once the masses became the middle class this became untenable and ...
by infotrage
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by Bendygirl
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According to the good people at the New York ...
by Kire
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What's the meanest, nastiest, most hateful, greediest lie you have heard from a Republican? Who is the most outrageous Republican liar and panderer (poll below)? Where does this stuff come from? What'
by Mokurai
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My keyboard is doused with coffee once more this morning. I should never sip it while online. Or else I should restrict my online reading to the wiser sort of commentator. Not this David ...
by Timus
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Three items for today. First, we have a battle cry based on last night's debate, as you see from the title. Secondly, CNN has a problem. Look at the maps. Finally, Sarah Palin has bigger ...
by Michael Bindner
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