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At the Boulder, Colorado field office for Barack, where I volunteer regularly, there's this guy. You should meet him, like Barack did. This is a really beautiful video that my friend from the office ...
by debha
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Obama this morning threw down the gauntlet on McCain. He called McCain out for his lack of leadership on the current economic crisis. he skewers McCain with his own words. He is on fire! Follow ...
by free speech zone
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The scene: Outside of very Right Wing voting Colorado Springs, (53% who vote, vote straight Republican regardless), is a small liberal, eclectic, religiously irreverent and vibrant town called ...
by RWN
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by Michael Schiavo
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by Al Rodgers
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Yesterday while flying home from Colorado, I shared my peanuts and struck up small talk with a young man sitting beside me. He was headed back East to visit family, was a fellow southerner who loved ...
by susan in sc
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Colorado Springs, the little city that brought us Ted Haggard and the Tea Party movement is about to move into its final phase of wingnutty-dom: Turning itself into a Third World dump.
by bink
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Sorry I don't have a lot of time. I've been very busy lately. But growing up in Colorado I just saw the following: First.
by Lava20
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by icebergslim
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I must say today's townhall in Colorado was the best of his recent town halls on health care. In particular, he took a moment to address the misconceptions and lies being spread about healthcare ...
by Muzikal203
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This marks the seventh week I've been on the road through the battleground states of America. I am a documentary photographer , traveling ...
by Brett Marty
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(Cross-posted from Better Than Machines ) Why am I writing a diary about the Ludlow Massacre 95 years after it happened? For one, I think the ...
by daveUSA
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Once again, the GOP plan to suppress the vote has been overturned by the courts. It amazes me that the party who flaunts the jingo "Country First" continually and willfully tries to stop Americans ...
by StuHunter
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STEP 1. Yell Louder. Be it resolved: The Executive Committee of the Broomfield Democrats on this date, on behalf of the party members, the county declares its ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Crossposted from a story by Cara DeGette at Colorado ...
by em dash
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This time in a televised local debate, in front of an audience of interested voters and party loyalists. A spectacular fail, and I'm not exaggerating. "Legitimate rape", "Macaca", "47%", when we ...
by 3rdOption
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As most here know, the national Republican party has now officially endorsed a scheme to make it all but impossible for a Democrat to win the White House, by splitting up the electoral votes of ...
by Q Tip
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I attended the town hall that was set up in Brighton today for Rep. Ed Perlmutter. I am pleased to report that with a heavy police presence, excellent Union support and Organizing for America on ...
by whoknu
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Bob Schaffer was always one of Jack Abramoff’s reliable goons—always willing to do the dirty work for Jack and the Republican Party’s Chinese Patrons operating out of the ...
by dengre
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I always knew something would compel me to get off my lazy ass do the work it takes to publish a first diary. I just didn't expect that 'something' to be voting rights. I cast my very first vote ...
by Late Again
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