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A fish rots from the head down. Two staffers who worked directly for Gov. Scott Walker while he was county executive were charged Thursday with illegally doing extensive political work while being ...
by StuHunter
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A cardboard box. Not an especially big box. Not the heaviest I've carried by any means but it had quite a few pieces of paper inside, judging by its heft. You may well have one matching this ...
by GeoffT
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According to Andrew Feldman’s Christmas Eve opinion piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ,
by MaryRW
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[UPDATE: Didn't expect this to be on the Rec List, but I do hope it a.) makes its point and the management hears, and b.) raises some small change for some good folks listed below. Thanks to all who ...
by mole333
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You know, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. The story that the DNC is REFUSING to help the Wisconsin recall effort is filling me with rage and loathing. This is why we ...
by Yosef 52
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Here are some sad statistics: - I am one of just 17 women in the US Senate. - Just 17% of all of Congress is made up of women. - There are currently only 6 women governors in the US today. - Less ...
by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
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(Originally published as my final story on Examiner.com )
by Bill Schmalfeldt
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GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY BOARD State of Wisconsin Statement on Recall Petition Falsification Date: December 21, 2011 MADISON, WI The ...
by stcroix cheesehead
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I have some anxiety issues, so even though I'm a passionately anti-Walker Wisconsinite, I haven't done very much to help the cause (other than showing up at many Madison rallies). The thought of ...
by orymartin
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As I write this there are a total of 2,197 comments and 1,933 recs on Recommended diaries about President Obama, and a total of zero comments and zero recs on Recommended diaries about the Wisconsin ...
by pico
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I just read this blog post from an old classmate of Scottie-boy. The man is apparently legit, and his story and characterizations of Walker are priceless. Here is a taste ... I had the ...
by kbman
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Not the motto of anonymous in Janesville. (Mark E. Andersen ) Janesville, Wisconsin, teachers who signed—or simply may have signed—petitions ...
by Laura Clawson
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Wisconsin recall campaign spending Recall campaigns are inherently difficult, because some people will oppose them on principle, even if they don't like the incumbent. But lest anyone be distracted ...
by Laurence Lewis
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In this one bright, shiny moment, the state of Fitzwalkerstan has been turned into the state of Euphoria.
by MaryRW
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( ...
by Chris Bowers
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The petition drive to recall Gov. Scott ...
by Chris Bowers
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Last Thursday, Governor Scott ...
by Chris Bowers
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by Chris Bowers
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by Chris Bowers
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Our UW Election Eye crew -- a collection of two dozen U of Washington faculty and students writing a blog about politics with the Seattle Times -- made its way into mining country in Wisconsin and ...
by David Domke
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