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A week ago President Barack Obama gave the commencement ...
by KingOneEye
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By now you may have heard that ASU is not planning to confer an honorary degree on President Obama when he gives the commencement speech there in June. A few local media outlets have written about ...
by dawnt
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Michelle Obama was originally scheduled to appear in Topeka for a joint event for all high school graduates of 2014. The day is important in Kansas history and American history, as it represents ...
by Chris Reeves
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He wasn't the most famous person to address Oregon university graduates this year--that honor went to FLOTUS, at Oregon State where her brother coaches basketball--but it's a good bet Michelle didn'...
by torridjoe
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In the face of protests from some students and faculty, former Bush National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice withdrew as featured commencement speaker at the upcoming ...
by Jon Perr
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I'm sure everyone is aware that some right wing Catholics and Republicans are protesting Notre Dame because it is inviting Barack Obama to speak at their commencement.
by RustbeltDemocrat
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From the beginning, the feigned outrage among social conservatives over Barack Obama's invitation to deliver the commencement address ...
by Jon Perr
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That's the headline in an email from the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), announcing their opposition to having President Obama give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame on May 17. ...
by JohnKWilson
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I hadn't seen this diaried (much to my surprise), but if I'm wrong, please let me know and I'll delete... On my ride into work today, I heard excerpts from John Legend's moving commencement address ...
by PeaceNerd
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As many of you know, I've been taking the Food Stamp Challenge in which me and three of my colleagues are trying to live on $21.00 a week, which is the average benefit of a food stamp recipient. You ...
by Congressman Tim Ryan
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As protesters greeted President Obama's supposedly controversial commencement address at Notre Dame,
by Jon Perr
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THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ...
by Transcripts Editors
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Mitt Romney today delivered the commencement address at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. What his remarks lacked in brevity, they more than made up for in tedium. Having spent 37 years in ...
by cassandracarolina
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Falwell: "What we saw on Tuesday, as ...
by TarantinoDork
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THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary ________________________________________________________________ For Immediate Release June 14, 2014 REMARKS BY THE ...
by Transcripts Editors
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . Sometimes blogging has its privileges. My wife, a fabulous photographer ,
by Eclectablog
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Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow, still basking in the glory of his school’s biggest public relations coup since the Sun-Devil basketball program’s 1994 point-shaving ...
by real satire
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We went to the Georgia State University commencement exercises today, as our family member was graduating (congratulations family member!) Jimmy Carter gave the commencement speech,
by orange dog
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(Note: No, I do not condone everything Secretary Albright ever said or did. No, I am not some starry-eyed and naive unequivocal Albright supporter. Yes, I do respect her for her education, ...
by Elsinora
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This is the season of graduations. College graduations, high school graduations, even elementary school graduations. Turns out, our glorious leader, despite being accused of profound inexperience ...
by elropsych
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