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Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell graciously has decided to apologize for omitting the minor inconvenience of slavery from his proclamation of Confederate History Month. He made a very ...
by Laurence Lewis
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There must be something in the water in South Carolina. A few weeks ...
by Doctor RJ
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THE WEEK IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS This [weekly diary http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/4/5/852771/-Final-Update-#14:-The-Week-in-Editorial-CartoonsOf-Human-Bondage] ...
by JekyllnHyde
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I have no problem with it being on top of the Duke boys "
by Doctor RJ
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Unless you're the churchgoing type, there's not much sense in driving through the Mississippi Delta on a Sunday morning. Folks tend to take the sabbath pretty seriously around these parts, and a ...
by Virally Suppressed
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by Unitary Moonbat
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Senator Jim DeMint (R. South Carolina, but ideologically the Confederate States of America) yesterday called the Obama adminstration anti-American. DeMint: We saw within a few days ...
by TomP
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There has been a great deal of talk on this site about Virginia Governor McDonnell's decision to re-instate Confederate History Month and his subsequent backtracking. There has also been a great ...
by badger1968
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On Friday, Gallup became just the latest pollster to confirm the obvious: "Tea Party supporters ...
by Jon Perr
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The very most interesting thing about the United States is that it died even as it was born. As expressed in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby , which must serve as the "great American novel," for ...
by blueness
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When Francis Bellamy wrote these words toward the end of the nineteenth century, his goal was not so much to present a loyalty oath to ...
by Barth
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of the Confederate States of America. In the civil war between spineless Republicans and the inherit ideology of the Confederate States of America, Ted Cruz, the defacto President, once again bit ...
by amateurpsychologist
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