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I think it's time to post another batch of photos from the Pima Air & Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona, where I volunteer as a walking tour docent. As always, you can click on the individual photos ...
by pwoodford
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At the end of November, the Moon passed near the planet Jupiter in the eastern evening sky. A diary was published at that time urging us to go outside and look.
by jim in IA
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I was suppose to be in DC this week, helping to sell President Obama's new ambitious human space program. Yes, thats right, it is human, it is ambitious, and its very cool. Unfortunately, the ...
by FerrisValyn
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The Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MCPV) is based on the Orion design requirements for traveling beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO). The MPCV will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry ...
by blue aardvark
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While the United States and other nations grapple with the current downturn in the global economy and we hover on the brink of perhaps a major depression, the space technology industry seems to be ...
by NellaSelim
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by NellaSelim
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MAIN ARTICLE: NASA's Griffin denies tension with Obama's transition team. In yesterday'...
by Vladislaw
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Welcome to another Saturday morning edition of This Week in Space . Check out my choices for the Top Ten Space Stories. See what has been keeping the stargazers busy over in ...
by NellaSelim
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Last week here at Daily Kos, the Nuclear Information Resource Service ...
by David Bradish
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Two months ago, a letter to the president written by Neil Armstrong, James Lovell, and Eugene Cernan warned the accompanying decision to cancel the Constellation program, its Ares 1 and ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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With the announcement today that President Obama has selected Charles Bolden to be the next NASA Administrator, this got me thinking what could Bolden do in HIS first 100 days to make his mark and ...
by axel000
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MAIN ARTICLE: Updated: Obama Administration needs $18.7b for NASA. President Obama promised a 2 billion dollar increase for NASA during the campaign. New budget ...
by Vladislaw
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NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, testified before the Senate's Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee on Feb. 24th. He was there to present President Obama's plan for NASA, ...
by fink
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by Marcel F. Williams The US Senate has now made it clear that they want the immediate development of a heavy lift vehicle and a crew exploratory vehicle capable of beyond LEO missions ...
by newpapyrus
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by NellaSelim
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Taking funds from NASA programs to support schools is something I support and I would back Mr Obama's plans to do that, but the question rapidly becomes which programs should be cut and which ...
by irsouth2
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Tomorrow, Saturday, May 15, 2010, is Armed Forces Day in America. A little celebrated day anymore. Perhaps it needs to be reinstated, in its full honor.
by quityurkidding
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Talk of a second stimulus has recently snuck into the dialogue, which comes as little surprise to the many who thought the original stimulus was too compromised. But, with all of the political ...
by saken
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