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by karendc
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This man was lucky so many were still in the station: The man was boarding a Perth-bound train at about 8:50am when ...
by Jen Hayden
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You probably remember Johnny from school. Maybe you even were Johnny, or his sister Janie. Maybe you were Johnny's mom or dad, or his teacher. We taught Johnny that he could expect to be judged ...
by NCrissieB
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What a Year 51 weeks ago 600+ hungry progressives gathered in Pennsylvania eager to make a difference in the life of everyday Pennsylvanians. We ate, drank, talked, networked and learned. We came ...
by Spedwybabs
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For the second night in a row, Top Comments consists of an essay response to a Facebook ‘friend.’ Chrislove wrote last ...
by BeninSC
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Today I wanted to talk about the Illusion of Independence . It has been carefully constructed by a lot of people over a long period of time. I would say that the start of the industrial age is when ...
by liawalsh
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by NCrissieB
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This is just too rich to pass up, from The Alaska Daily News Governor Sarah Palin, hubris (and panic) oozing from every pore, now ...
by MoronMike
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"That's just unfair," Springoff the First said as he saw the Four of Clubs. It wasn't the first time I'd heard one of my kids claim something was unfair. We've all heard it. We've all said it. ...
by NCrissieB
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The United Nations has declared this year the year of the coop. Although cooperatives are a part of the private property system and only a small part of the world economy, a number of our readers (...
by Geminijen
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(crossposted with pics at the Villages Group Blog) We continue supporting the economic ...
by Assaf
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Water in Palestine, Israel, and the neighboring countries is critical. Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan have the least renewable water resources in the region. Israel (including the West ...
by Terra Mystica
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(Crossposted from the Villages Group Blog, ...
by Assaf
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Welcome to Income Inequality Kos. Join us Thursdays, at 9:00 p.m. eastern. We discuss income inequality, concentration of wealth, and related issues. Previous diaries in the series can be ...
by greywolfe359
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The dot-com boom seems like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? Pre-financial collapse. Pre- real estate collapse. Pre-9/11. Pre dot-com collapse. Pre-election 2000. And yet even after all those things, ...
by Words In Action
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(This on-the ground report from my Villages Group colleagues Erella and Ehud was originally posted by me - with pictures -
by Assaf
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I've been reading VA Classical Liberal 's exploration of Atlas Shrugged, and it's left me thinking about the underpinnings of Rand's philosophy ...
by Fletcher Christensen
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by geri
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There has been a diary named "I Guess I'm not Pro-Choice: Sextuplets" on the rec list for some time now that, due to other tasks ...
by Got a Grip
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We meet Sundays 7pm eastkost time/4pm leftkost, 3 or so hrs to fit a part of everyone's afternoon/evening. We also pub & republish diaries over the week : kosmail to one of our active admins ( ...
by mettle fatigue
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