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This morning I heard something that prospectively fleshed out an important part of Secretary Kerry's presentation a few hours later. With that I think I'm officially off the fence. This morning on ...
by Gary Norton
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A decade ago, many Americans chose to be fooled by the Lying Squad of Bush, Cheney, and Powell, into rallying 'round for Operation Iraq Liberation. Mission Accomplished! The facts were there, the ...
by ActivistGuy
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First comes this morning's announcement that the UN Observer Mission is standing down in Syria , now comes word that Russian troops are headed to Syria. From ...
by Clay Claiborne
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As the chaos and carnage in Syria continues to escalate, some conservatives are very happy indeed with word of Israeli air strikes against weapons shipments reportedly destined for Hezbollah. ...
by Jon Perr
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Given that Ben Ali is a free man living the good life in Saudi Arabia while Hosni Mubarak is rotting in jail and Muommar Gaddafi is pushing up daisies, it shouldn't be surprising ...
by Geekesque
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by Something the Dog Said
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http://news.yahoo.com/syria-rebels-boycott-cairo-opposition-talks-094606299.html Dozens of Syrian soldiers including top officers, defected to neighbouring Turkey on Monday, the Anatolia news ...
by TarantinoDork
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It was easy enough for the USA to bomb Libya and eliminate Colonel Gaddafi, who had no foreign friends or allies except a few hundred millions of the most impoverished and brutalized citizens of ...
by Frank Whitaker
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I'm kind of extremely pissed off that no one anywhere seems to give a shit when scores brown people are dying as of late. For the record I am notnotnot advocating an Iraq-style intervention. That ...
by BigRedBlackGuy
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIRWazkOFlI I am a democrat and a liberal just not an appeaser to a butcher (Assad) who gasses and murders three hundred children at a time and for the fact that ...
by thedamnliberal
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