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My name, my photo, my specific city of residence -- pretty much most everything I've ever tried to keep confidential on Daily Kos is below the fold. As you might suspect, something is up. I am the ...
by Seneca Doane
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"We need leadership in Congress that is honest about the tough choices, courageous enough to compromise and willing to put the peoples business before party politics." - MARK HARRIS Dear, Kos I ...
by Edgeworth
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By now you've probably heard that last November, American voters chose to give Democrats control of the presidency and both chambers of congress in this past election. Wait, both chambers? No, ...
by sawolf
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(Originally from Nevada Progressive ) Last Thursday, the radical right in Nevada was humiliated as Americans for Prosperity (AFP) had to abandon their own "tea party" in Las Vegas. However, ...
by atdnext
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[The numbers are here http://www.surveyusa.com/client/PollReport.aspx?g=5ef5275c-3166-493d-aecb-3d856c8705a5]: New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, beloved by some and ...
by andgarden
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Ten years ago today, stumbling across the nascent blogosphere, looking for information about the upcoming elections, I found Daily Kos . I was 25, just a few years out of college, working at a job I ...
by David Nir
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Last Thursday at about [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/10/11/1142972/-Site-Updates 1AM Eastern], the Daily Kos tech team announced a site update that fundamentally changed the way users interact ...
by andgarden
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The North Carolina Republican party, recently finished flexing its new found muscles (aka total control of state government for the first time since Reconstruction) with the completion of a ...
by Stephen Wolf
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You know what I'm talking about. The claim that a bunch of liberals were so pissed off at Obama that they stayed home and this caused the 2010 rout. It's pervasive. I won't link to examples ...
by Scientician
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(Also at Nevada Progressive . My photos couldn't post here, but they can all be seen there.) In case you haven't yet heard, Nevada Democrats made big gains again in voter registration last ...
by atdnext
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Elizabeth Warren, as yet unnannounced candidate for Massachusetts Senator, gave a speech to the Greater Boston Labor Council today. Unnannounced she may be, but it was pretty clearly the kickoff ...
by jpmassar
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The strong swing of Cuban-American voters to President Obama and Democrats was one of the most interesting and probably one of the most significant shifts in voting patterns in 2012. For Republicans,
by MattTX
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The other day I wrote a comment in which I tried to project future voting trends in Texas. This diary is a lot like that comment! But with more words. And a few images.
by Chachy
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(Also at Nevada Progressive ) Today was supposed to be the big "Coming Out Day" for Nevada's "tea party" , as the Nevada offshoot of the Koch funded astroturf campaign launched its bus tour with a ...
by atdnext
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State Senator David Ige Governor Neil ...
by Skaje
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In a [http://www.dailykos.com/comment/1064681/44969036#c323 very conservative] district of Oklahoma, with 20 of 30 precincts reporting, Democrat Curtis McDaniel leads Republican Joe Silk [http://...
by James Allen
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Along the 500 mile highway from Fairbanks, across the arctic circle, to Alaska's northern shore at Deadhorse in the North Slope Borough. Maybe the loneliest road in the America. The largest ...
by psychicpanda
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Not much of a diary, but since it was in the Elections diary on the FP, I may as well post something that actually qualifies as "BREAKING!" Cynthia ...
by Eddie in ME
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/Blue Ridge Mountains near Mount Mitchell, NC/ Appalachia is a ...
by Stephen Wolf
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What would you say if there was a statewide race in Texas that was winnable, had a great Democratic candidate, and it would shake up the entire political scene in Texas, and have the pundits eat ...
by slinkerwink
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