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i saw four teens on bikes leave the youth center together, riding away from me. a young woman was walking toward me. when the teens saw the woman, two kept going, but one turned around and ...
by TrueBlueMajority
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By Robyn Shepherd, ACLU Last month, the Center for Liberty's Louise Melling blogged about how street ...
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Image courtesy of @stopstreetharassment, board member Lani Shotlow-Rincon I was driving home listening to the radio and the topic of the recent Hollaback! video of the woman being catcalled was ...
by AndreaCambron
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It's by Laci Green, and it's called: "Elliot Rodger: More Than A Madman". She tackles the topic with humor, anger, and insight.
by cai
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by Matt Bors
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All the Elephants in the Room It seems that every time we talk about a war waged against women, there is always some republican, or “conservative” (tea party weirdos who want “to go back in ...
by cboswell
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by Trinity Aodh False Male Privilege is experienced by trans women prior to transition. It only affects us externally, and only until our presentation changes. - See more at: http://www....
by SecularWoman
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Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and any other form of violence and abuse directed at those the perpetrator wishes to control all come from a place that will continue to exist as long as we ...
by RH Reality Check
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A brand new grocery store has been recently built a block from my apartment. To clear my head in between work assignments, I visit several times a week. Unwittingly, I've attracted the attention of ...
by cabaretic
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Welcome to Day 4 of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Today's topic is street harassment.
by Hellotwin
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