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The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky opened in 2007 to present an account of the origins of the universe, life and mankind according to a literal interpretation of the Bible. The museum is ...
by DowneastDem
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If you have any nervous creationist types in the vicinity, you might want to make a scene so they see this on your computer screen.
by ShawnGBR
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It can be such a drag living in New Orleans. Sometimes it feels as if we are an island of diversity and culture in a bland sea of cracker crumbs. And, too often, we pay the price for the ignorance ...
by Crashing Vor
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Via Joe.My.God :
by gizmo59
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My lo cal paper, the Bowling Green Daily News is an unabashedly conservative paper. From the editorials to the chopping of headlines, to the op-ed columnists [
by AndrewMC
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So I was thinking about this earlier, and it seems to me that, in the question of whether or not creationism is a viable scientific field of study, despite Bill Nye's very good, factual answers, it ...
by Rachel191
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(crossposted at BlueGrassRoots ) (Longtime lurker, First time Diary!) This Saturday,
by cubswin39
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Bobby Jindal has received high praise from David Brooks and the wise village pundits for exhorting the GOP to "stop being the party of stupid." But what Brooks, Gregory, Brokaw et al fail to ...
by DowneastDem
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Update: THE KIDS GOT THEIR PENCILS! (Scroll down to the project below to see the thank you note the teacher just wrote.) Thanks to you Kossacks, these kids are going ...
by hyperbolic pants explosion
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Oh good Lord, this has just got to stop. Seriously, it is time for the adults to take charge of our country before we start blowing up ancient Buddhas off of mountain sides. Today's fundie outrage ...
by pinche tejano
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Have you ever heard about the Creation Museum and other such garbage and wondered how the FUCK operations like this manage to keep filling themselves with wide-eyed, hopelessly misinformed people? ...
by Brainwrap
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by orthogonal
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cross-posted at Talk to Action Yesterday, RfrancisR wrote about about a fringe fundie outfit that ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Today's NYTimes Magazine asks How Christian were the Founders? ". The article starts by profiling the young-earth ...
by AikidoPilgrim
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[ UPDATE : This is off-topic for this post (scroll down for Creationism/fake US history story), but there's another issue of transcendent importance, so here goes: In ...
by Troutfishing
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A new story from Pharyngula sets forth a new attack by religious fundamentalists against science education. The fundamentalists win Round One. Cross posted ...
by JackMcCullough
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by Grand Moff Texan
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Heathen! A woman posting on mumsnet.com , a website for parents, is finding herself ...
by Jen Hayden
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There are some things that can be known and other things which must be taken on faith, like science. Either you believe that or you do not, and both sides have equal standing. These postulates are ...
by AWhitneyBrown
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Gallup has just released a scary new poll that indicates just how much work still lies before us as a nation--and just how frightening is ...
by thereisnospoon
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