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This is rich ... “If the complaint in this action was a movie script, it would be entitled ‘The Manchurian Candidate Meets The Da Vinci Code.'" Those were the words ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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The Philadelphia police have a new policy intended to eliminate the divide between the the city's transgender citizens and the people sworn to protect them. Historically police the world over have ...
by rserven
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by Shockwave
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Kind of a slimy week in the U.S. (No, I’m not taking about Rush Limbaugh, but be my guest.) This is about oil. Black gold. Texas Tea. On Tuesday , a scientific study reported by National ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Congress has approved a 725 billon dollar miltary bill last week were is the outrage? While main stream media coverage was about 'Don't Ask Don't Tell and Dream Act. This bill is the largest ...
by CurrentNewsEvents
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Late last week I received a cease and desist letter in an effort to quash my parody of Danyelle Freeman aka Restaurant Girl, the New York Daily News restaurant critic. Unlike her faceless peers, ...
by adamru
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by Yoss
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Wikeleaks began publishing huge numbers of secret State Department diplomatic cables from 274 U.S. embassies and consulates from around the world. The documents obtained were leaked to Wikileaks, a ...
by CurrentNewsEvents
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by The Truth
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The head of the Queens Public Library in New York City—which has one of the largest circulations in the world—faces criticism for his excessive compensation package. Patrons, politicians and ...
by Gregory Heires
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Glenn Beck calls us the 'enemy within' ... We're doing something right!
by CurrentNewsEvents
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by dcookie
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Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton finally answered questions about her e-mail accounts yesterday at a Press Conference. The whole thing about Hillary’s e-mail problems appears to ...
by melshim
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The American Debate is Dick Pohlman's column/blog in the Philly Inquirer, and it really was a delight to ...
by ItsJessMe
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Ben Smith, spiritual godfather of the New York blogging scene, has a column in today's Daily News that's in need of a ...
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Putting aside the obvious fact that most people under thirty either do not answer their landline telephones when they are not familiar with the incoming number or don't even have a landline, as is ...
by laroccan
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There is a story from the Daily News that is on the front page of the Huffington Post about inside information about Giuliani's campaign strategy being left behind in a hotel room. Any sense if this ...
by azzurri
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by Vartan7
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