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by Craig Burnham
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Thankfully, it very well could be. Or so suggests Congressional Quarterly via OpenLeft . They cite four Democrats who were rumored to be Stupak ...
by itskevin
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Dear KOS, My name is Scott Withers and I am a Democratic Primary Candidate for the U.S. Congress in Michigan’s 5th District. I am challenging incumbent Dale Kildee, someone whose public ...
by scottwithers2010
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by roxtar
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by Laura Clawson
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What do women 51 years and younger who live in Flint have in common? They've never had an opportunity to vote for a Pro-Choice democratic candidate. I'm not talking about in the general election, ...
by Withers2010
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I'm a progressive, Pro-Choice democratic candidate in Michigan's 5th U.S. Congressional district primary. My volunteers, my family and I worked hard for months knocking on doors across the ...
by Withers2010
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• AZ-Sen : As Dems cast about for a candidate in this newly open race, the last guy who ran for this seat is saying he won’t seek ...
by David Nir
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by Neon Vincent
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Crossposted at Swing State Project http://www.swingstateproject.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=5007 and Michigan Liberal http://www.michiganliberal.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=14879 In 2010, Michigan ...
by MenhentheDem
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Nobody was ...
by David Jarman
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by Lestatdelc
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I wanted to share this as a diary. Not sure whether this is appropriate, but I wanted to make a more public statement. I thank kossacks angelajean , whose excellent diary and letter inspired me to ...
by Great Lakes Liberal
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This is part one of my three part series of diaries that I will be publishing this weekend handicapping the major 2010 races in the state of Michigan. Today I will be publishing my U.S. House ...
by MenhentheDem
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Thomas over at Blue Indiana has the scoop on underreported story. Last night, the House passed ...
by ManfromMiddletown
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As we Kossacks know, the cost of the Iraq war has gone through the roof - in terms of dollars, American and Iraqi lives lost, and wounded servicemembers, among many other statistics. Furthermore, ...
by ScottyUrb
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by David Nir
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With all of the talk to redo the primaries in Michigan and Florida and (I feel that it will happen) Obama needs to seriously focus on Michigan becuse the Democratic party is very much like Ohio. ...
by Zachariahs Blood
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This is a big surprise. All we have ...
by David Nir
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