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Rumsfeld and Top GOP Figures Profited from Privatization of VA Hospital, CIA Contractors A large global hedge fund, Cerberus Capital Management (dba, Cerberus-Gabriel), is at the center of ...
by leveymg
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On March 27th of this year World Airways - a company that was originally founded in 1948 - shut down for good, putting their employees out on the street. How the end came was personal for me - I ...
by Dem Beans
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by Doctor RJ
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I've done this topic before a while back, but I thought it ...
by Doctor RJ
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Aaron Barnhart of McClatchy Newspapers has this up today. You could read some good jokes, but I think he ...
by Belvedere Come Here Boy
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by Doctor RJ
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The universal consensus seems to be that Palin is a bad running mate. But it's hardly the first time that's happened. There have been a whole host of times that running mates have backfired, gone ...
by Harkov311
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Addressing the United Negro College Fund back in 1991, Vice President Dan Quayle famously declared, "What a waste it is to lose one's ...
by Jon Perr
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I've been waiting for weeks for the Indianapolis Star to announce their endorsement of a Presidential candidate. A friend of mine works at the Star , and it has taken every ounce of ...
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The "Democratic Donkey" was originally a political attack twisting President Andrew Jackson's name to "Jackass," but Democrats embraced the symbolism of an animal associated with hard work. I've ...
by Doctor RJ
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Nate Silver has a new piece up tonight which analyzes a couple of polls conducted since the Ryan announcement. The short summary: his debut numbers are most similar to Dan Quayle's. And not far off ...
by tremayne
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The Proto George W. Bush Dan Quayle has not been in the headlines much lately. After mispelling potatoe potato and being mocked mercilessly, he seems to have dropped off the public radar. He ...
by trifecta
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