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[http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/05/30/980495/-CNN-Spreads-Latest-Breitbart-Smear CNN Spreads Latest Breitbart Smear] focused on what we knew about the stalking and set up of Congressman ...
by Stranded Wind
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Breitbart tried his tired old manufactured smear game with Congressman Anthony Weiner a few days ago. Unlike the ACORN smear, which happened in a certain place and with limited witnesses, ...
by Stranded Wind
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UPDATE: Just in case you can't read, this is NOT a diary criticizing Harry Reid. Go Harry! This is pointing out inaccurate information in another diary. Anderson Cooper 360° ‏@AC360JUST IN: @...
by Attorney at Arms
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by ericlewis0
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From Judd Legum: Bash: I did speak, have to tell you, I did speak to one source close to senator Reid that claims to also know who the Bain investor is that Sen. Reid spoke with, insists it is a ...
by addikell
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Apparently Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner didn't get the message—from the voters on November 6 or from President Obama who has repeatedly said that keeping the tax cuts for the rich ...
by Barbara Morrill
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Nevermind, that the ongoing record-setting of extreme temperature datapoints, seem to be telling us another story ... you know, when you look at the WHOLE Globe: 'Polar vortex' or not, last month ...
by jamess
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Tomorrow, CNN will announce that it is launching a new channel that will feature coverage of news and politics with a format similar to that used by channels that specialize in entertainment and ...
by Broke And Unemployed
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Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has always benefited from shoddy, irresponsible journalism in Minnesota. Minnesota's media has steadfastly refused to report what she says and what she does. The only ...
by The Big E
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It’s going to be another day of the blame game. It looks like Congress is playing musical chairs and the last one standing has to take the blame for AIG and the entire Wall Street Meltdown. ...
by stillonline
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Republicans do not care about sick uninsured children not getting treatment and dying. So this latest kerfuffle between CNN's Dana Bash and Majority Leader Harry Reid is ironic in the extreme (where ...
by Heavy Mettle
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On CNN's This Week in Politics , which should be called This Week in Bullshit both Dana Bash and the Wapo's Dan Balz discuss how awful it is that Obama would accuse a racist bastard ...
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Update: David Cantanese at Politico has wrote that Kyl WILL retire in 2012. No official word yet, ...
by MrLiberal
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http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2013/10/02/reid-gets-fiery-over-question-about-shutdowns-effect-on-clinical-trials-for-kids/?hpt=hp_t1 CNN is promoting a video of Harry Reid getting “fiery”
by Max Udargo
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