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I watched this interview with David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Robert Gibbs and Anita Dunn. Their poise, effectiveness, showed throughout this interview. The most important thing, no in-fighting, ...
by icebergslim
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Each day passes with Obama's lead seeming more solid. And each day we see new desperation gimmicks from the McCain campaign. We know that a significant part of GOP electoral manipulation involves ...
by drational
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It appears the Obama Administration learned a lot in their first year, and one of the things they learned was that letting Congress set the President's agenda for him was a mistake, according to the ...
by MeMeMeMeMe
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It is a little surprising to see the normally unfazable David Plouffe roll out such a big phat ...
by Steven R
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When it comes to analysis of the 2010 midterm debacle we are now about to see the results of there has been no shortage of explanations for why particular Democratic officeholders and candidates ...
by pkohan
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David Plouffe has been hired by the WH to oversee the 2010 elections for House and Senate Seats. Thank goodness. That means the WH will be doing what HE wants them to, in order to win the the ...
by jovie131
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The next 10 weeks will decide the fate of our country. Will we give into the nativism, bigotry and I've-got-mine-you-are-on-your-ownism that has characterized the healthcare, immigration reform ...
by FiredUpInCA
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Alright, the jig is apparently up. Previous attempts to buffoonarize Rush Limbaugh were done with disingenuous (though hilarious)
by turneresq
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Receiving daily emails from David Plouffe, Campaign Manager for Barack Obama, I often wondered who the hell he was. I couldn't even pronounce his name and I never heard a peep about him in the media.
by Elrod
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I know that this isn't a diary but just had to share. Plouffe shows how it's ...
by Kitty
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The McCain campaign is quickly setting a new bar for how low a campaign can go... Here is the Obama campaign response.
by Steven R
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Excerpts have been released from David Plouffe's book, The Audacity To Win: The Inside Story And Lessons Of Barack Obama's Historic Win. Here's a taste of the book that I cannot wait to ...
by Julie Gulden
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Well, I’ve inadvertently stumbled upon (h/t Paul Krugman) what, unquestionably , gets my vote for this week’s must-read, and it’s Elizabeth Drew’s latest in the New York Review of Books,
by bobswern
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com Sorry for the headline. I'm not so good at 'em. I voted for "pie" ...
by Eclectablog
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This is actually a pretty interesting article from Politico that gives a look inside the Obama campaign and the relationships among ...
by Muzikal203
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Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, it's true. If the White House would like to disavow David Plouffe's words now is the ...
by priceman
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Plouffe was a great campaign manager for Obama. He has experience in all facets of a campaign. He's also worked on the Hill. He's been an unofficial adviser to the WH and DNC all along, but because ...
by Newsie8200
Comment Count 446 comments on Sat Jan 23, 2010 at 07:15 PM PST with 361 Recommends
Well, it's Rahm again. The WaPo is playing up Rahm's leaks and trashing Axelrod for him. In this article, the WaPo author (not Milbank this time) speaks of Rahm's hotheaded image, and then turns ...
by TomP
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With DNC Chairman Howard Dean expected to step down from his post, we need someone to lead our party and continue the great success we've had since the 2006 elections. Who better to manage a massive ...
by NY College Dems
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There’s a rather surreal lead in Sunday’s NY Times by Binyamin Appelbaum and Helene Cooper, entitled: “[http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/14/us/politics/14econ.html?hp White House Debates Fight ...
by bobswern
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