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I know that with the Presidential primaries in full swing, with deeply contested races in both parties, that the news is dominated by this, as is our community here. It is to be expected that other ...
by Jay Elias
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Matt Stoller is all over this : A whistleblower is coming forth against John and Cindy McCain, and the picture he is ...
by Joey Dee
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by redstatehatemonitor
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(I see this was also covered in a rec'd diary by Joey Dee. ) I have ...
by Snud
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Again I'm reminded of passages from Kafka's The Trial such as this one: Perhaps there was a little more space in there than usual today, but if so it was not immediately obvious, especially as the ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Aside from the cannabis prohibition issue, this is a story about a chronic pain patient who commits suicide after years ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Bill Piper , Director of Drug Policy Alliance's Office of National Affairs. declares DEA ...
by HoundDog
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I've been waiting for an open thread to post this so someone much more articulate than me could do a diary on it, but we haven't had one for a while. I'm sure there will be one right after I post ...
by CTLiberal
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DEA official freaks out at Senate hearing: Reckless marijuana legalization ‘scares us’ Surprising nobody the 'chief of operations' for the DEA went on the reefer mad rant one would expect when ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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That's what Reuters is reporting : law enforcement agents have been directed to conceal how such investigations truly begin - not only from defense lawyers but also sometimes from prosecutors and ...
by bobdevo
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As it's been noted since 9/11, and as it’s just now coming under a brighter light, the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) role in our government’s surveillance of its citizens represents ...
by bobswern
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By L. C. Johnson ( bio/blog ) Sorry. If you're looking for some breathless analysis about another lame videotape, which allegedly contains the latest ...
by L C Johnson
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LA Weekly Despite medical marijuana being legal in California, it is still a 'cash crop' (largely because it is not legal enough) and money is still money. If you have a stable business like a ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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The Bundy Ranch controversy has now divided Nevada's two United States senators . While Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) referred to Bundy's armed supporters as "domestic terrorists," ...
by Jon Perr
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Last year 858,408 people were arrested for Marijuana violations. This is a 1.3% ...
by TrahmalG
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Good riddance. From WaPo: The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration is expected to resign soon, according to U.S. officials, following revelations about “sex parties” involving ...
by gnosticator
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Facing a child treating her severe seizure disorder with medical marijuana, Gupta was forced to see the error of his ways. AlterNet What if you were the parent of a small child suffering from a ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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In April 2012, Daniel Chong's worst nightmare came true as he was left in a DEA holding cell for five days without food or water: Daniel Chong, 24, a UC San Diego senior, said he was swept up in ...
by Jen Hayden
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AFP reports that 10 years after Portugal decriminalized drug use, and decided to treat addicts instead, that the experiment has worked.
by HoundDog
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Nearly from its creation in 1970, under the Controlled Substance Act, the Drug Enforcement Agency has seen itself as the front line, and shock troops, of the "war on drugs," launched by Richard ...
by HoundDog
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