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by Els
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"He would rape me and then say this is what God’s love feels like,” Smith said, struggling to hold back tears more than twenty years after the alleged incidents. This is the 2012 catholic ...
by roseeriter
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A lot of people will make the point today that we should leave Afghanistan as soon as possible now that our top goal of going over there has been accomplished. This comes, ironically, eight years to ...
by Cenk Uygur
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The spring of 2011 was the time in America when too many families had to make hard choices. It wasn't anything new to my little family. We were used to being poor. What little advances we'd made ...
by Mr Jones
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Joe Scarborough just displayed a dazzling display of utter bullshit on Morning Joe.
by LizzyPop
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This diary was started last Sunday right after the Super Bowl and was originally intended to be a reaction to the Presidents' interview with Matt Lauer and the halftime commercial that has garnered ...
by dear occupant
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Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to acknowledge that not everyone uses conventional religious ...
by Purple Priestess
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Seventh and eighth grade were by every possible measure the most torturous two school years I've spent behind a desk. I learned to get along and adapt eventually, I had some school friends as most ...
by dear occupant
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The first of these arguments is a fun one. The " socialism is dead " right-wing meme was important just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It had a lot to do with the invention of the Third ...
by Cassiodorus
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There is so much justifiable outrage over the widespread destruction that is and will be caused by the BP/Transocean/Halliburton/Deepwater-Horizon disaster that it has nearly faded into obscurity ...
by RustyCannon
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A prisoner who was tortured in 2002 until he agreed - at the demand of Bush torturers - to say that al-Qaeda was linked to Saddam Hussein is suddenly dead. Several weeks ago, Human Rights Watch ...
by Ralph Lopez
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*****************Triggering Access is key to successful pedophilia. And my grandfather was pretty slick. My parents would take us to the lake every weekend. We ...
by Roxine
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If you're like me, you've gathered, collected, bought, stolen, and were given numerous concert T-shirts over the years. And, if you're like me, the shirts you got when you were a young, fit, 20-year-
by Senor Unoball
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The phone call I knew was coming sooner then I'd like came last night. My 94 year old grandfather passed away. I posted ...
by webranding
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The Employee Free Choice Act languishes in Congress. ACORN,
by NCrissieB
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****************TRIGGERING We would spend every weekend at the lake and every weekend my Grandfather would sexually abuse me. If it wasn't at nap time or at bedtime, there would be motorcycle ...
by Roxine
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According to the AP's Erica Werner Baucus said the tax-free benefit packages Americans now enjoy are ...
by JerichoJ8
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I know no one is talking about it, but that doesn't mean it's not happening. The truth is, there is no master list of the missing. But Snarkfood has done a good job of compiling a list from the ...
by dailykvs
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This is going to be a short diary. I'm going to link you to the story in the Chicago Tribune after the Kospaghetti. While this certainly sounds like a mass shooting (and the results are exactly ...
by Celtic Merlin
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This is gonna be a short one. One of my heroes is gone and I'm just too stricken to really put much into this... Comedian George Carlin dies at ...
by Erevann
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