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If you thought debtors prison was something straight out of Charles Dickens—and something long ago left behind us—think again. Debtors prison is becoming very much a part of the ...
by Laura Clawson
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Debtor' Prison are on the rise in America. Several states are actively outsourcing this new "growth industry." [LA, MI, OH, GA, WA, among others .] Can't pay your fines? No problem -- have they ...
by jamess
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Many over the past few months have said more than once, "Next they'll be trying to bring back Debtor's Prisons." Well as I answered then, many states have done just that due to lobbying by financial,
by Bob Sloan
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Not content to already incarcerate a far higher percentage of their populations than anywhere else on the globe, many states of these United States are once again throwing people in jail for their ...
by jpmassar
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Now that the Department of Justice report on Ferguson has been released , the veil has been lifted on a corrupt system that ...
by Mark Fiore
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http://www.startribune.com/video/94499314.html When, I was but a boy, I remember reading victorian literature like Dickens and the like. I was caught by how cruel society seemed back then. Public ...
by that other guy
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It turns out that in Ferguson, "court fees and fines are the second largest source of funds for the city; $2.6 million was collected in 2013 alone." The scenario often goes like this: a poor ...
by Cardinal Fang
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While the founders of our great nation abhorred the notion of a debtors prison, special interests from several areas of society pushed legislators hard to draft laws that force you to pay up or go ...
by rfrank118
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