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Michael Mann is a well known scientist who works for Penn State. About a year ago a blogger for the Competitive Enterprise Institute suggested that because of the scandal in the athletics department,
by martianexpatriate
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Scientists are moving beyond the "We can't say any one event is due to climate change" disclaimer to confirm what has become obvious. This week New Scientist is running a series of articles about ...
by xaxnar
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The Cosmos first broadcast on April 20th wasn’t really about lead. It was partly about lead obviously, and about determining the age of the Earth, but you’d have to be unacquainted with ...
by ericf
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Cross-posted at Minnesota Progressive Project Earlier today, dan.burns posted a diary about ...
by ericf
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Most conservatives actually acknowledge global warming . The reasonable ones even use it to establish their credibility: "I'm not a denialist." That talk comes from wonks and private citizens ...
by andrewrex
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The idea of extinction, of some calamity erasing humans from the face of the Earth is an old trope in Science Fiction - and one that's edging more and more into possible reality every day. It'...
by xaxnar
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Stop the presses! Neela Banerjee has a story in the Seattle Times about MIT's Dr. Kerry Emanuel, a responsible ...
by WarrenS
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" Denialism " used to have a limited shelf-life . Reality and its evermore costly consequences of such Denial, should give it that once again. Perhaps much sooner than the Deniers dare think. ...
by jamess
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This is part of my work-in-progress lecture series for my freshman-level Library and Information Science class on global warming. If you have suggestions please feel free to drop me a comment.
by NearlySomebody
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I lurk on a quite a few science blogs--most over ...
by rfall
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Please take a minute of your day to cast a vote at this poll for the weblog awards . The deadline to vote is 5pm EST today, ...
by ecotrope
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Gallup is out with a new poll on climate change . It turns out that while climate denialism spiked in 2010, acceptance of climate science has increased such that only 1 in 4 Americans are climate ...
by thereisnospoon
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[...] This is a crisis we can’t afford to ignore. I feel as if I’m watching as we fly in slow motion on a collision course toward a giant mountain . We can see the crash coming, and yet we’re ...
by jamess
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June 6, 2004 ... http://www.flickr.com/...
by dmathew1
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by TiaRachel
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I wrote this as a post on Facebook, just a few minutes ago. At first, I was going to post it as just a comment on a friend's Facebook post, but I'm starting to feel guilty about always burdening my ...
by pierre9045
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When the government announced in the 1960s that smoking caused cancer, all sorts of denial arose. Instead of just healthy skepticism about method and science, there was a sort of undermining of the ...
by Attorney at Arms
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I have to give Hunter credit for stimulating this idea, and it is entirely possible that others have said this - apologies in advance if I am stealing your idea. But, it seems to me that Democratic ...
by nuketeacher
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More or less by coincidence, I've found myself arguing with human-driven global warming deniers in several venues recently. With ...
by Vorkosigan
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This will be a short diary, as I just want to share a video from the New Economics Foundation think tank, the same folks who brought us ...
by patrickz
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