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Earlier today, John McCain met with the Des Moines Editorial Board in Iowa-- and the rest will be history. His angry interview--- one of the worst I've ever seen--- highlights one of the scariest ...
by Bryan Lefwitz
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Edwards delivered a "clear, concise message" at today's Des Moines Register's Debate. It resonated with Iowa voters.
by NCDem Amy
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cross-posted @ One Million ...
by icebergslim
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As the Iowa campaign closes the HRC camp has grown increasingly desperate. Recently the national arm of AFSCME (which endorsed HRC) sent out a mailer attacking Obama but trying to make it look as ...
by Boxer7
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Ron Carey is a former chair of the Minnesota GOP (2005-09) and until a year ago, he was chief of staff for Rep. Michele Bachmann. In ...
by Keith Pickering
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And he may be coming to State Fair Stage near you on his "Taking Our Country Back Tour. Amazing that the name of the tour alone might not have made the bookers a bit leary of the controversy in an ...
by sgary
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Welcome to the Thurday edition of the Edwards Evening News Round-Up (the title will ...
by edgery
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Let me be clear. What I am about to say in no way represents an endorsement. I will remain neutral as far as any endorsement, although I plan to vote in Virginia's primary. But I do pay attention ...
by teacherken
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Wow – just wow. This is a whole new ballgame you guys. The Des Moines Register has just announced that they’re backing Hillary Clinton in the state’s Democratic Caucuses on ...
by Alegre
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by Expo
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Cross-Posted at HillarysBloggers.com I've said it before and I'll say it again... The more you know about Hillary, the more impressed you’...
by Alegre
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When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, "what will I be? Will I be pretty, will I be rich?" Here's what she said to me, Que sera, ...
by Kevvboy
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Earlier today, Cobalt called our attention to McCain's interview with the Des Moines Register's editorial board.
by HeidiEight
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In case you missed it over the weekend, The Des Moines Register endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. I ...
by atdnext
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The Des Moines Register Poll which has Obama up 32-25-24 on Clinton and Edwards ...
by turneresq
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As everyone knows, the Des Moines Register today endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton for President. As an Edwards supporter I found that somewhat disappointing, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
by RDemocrat
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Clinton - 29 Edwards - 23 Obama - 22 ...
by icebergslim
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by rad mennonite
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First, the Des Moines Register , which begins its endorsement by dissing her opponent: Every time the Register’s editorial board meets with Rep. Steve King, we are reminded why we endorsed him a ...
by teacherken
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Because someone has to... Wait, I don't mean me. I mean you guys! I can watch some of it, but then I have to get back to work. They're not paying me to spend my day blogging (or so they think). ...
by dansac
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