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(I am a blogger fellow with Brave New Films on their Sick For Profit campaign. Visit us on ...
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ExxonMobile has a sneaky fracking plan for the mighty and ...
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Below the fold: separated at birth; headlines; lede of the week; videos; and lotsa fun! The Lineup (link back here, if you're copying to another site): *
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Thousands of Colorado men and women participated in "We Are Women" events on Saturday, which included a Rally, a March/Parade, pre- and post-event concerts, and a flashmob at the Colorado State ...
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How many of the Energy Committee Republicans stood against the Amendments, today -- simply stating that Climate Change exists ? -- Short answer -- ALL OF THEM!
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In Colorado - only 4 counties have not reported 100%: Hinsdale - population 790. Boulder - Strong Dem (68% - 29%) Arapahoe - Lean Dem (50% - 46%) Chaffee - Lean Dem (47% - 46.5%) Because of this, ...
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Last session, Congresswoman Diana Degette (CO-01) advanced an amendment ( .pdf ) to the ...
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There is a very good reason why we needed the House to produce the strongest bill possible. A Medicare PO. No further compromises. Many thought the great battle would be over the public option in ...
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The Denver Post is one of the two largest newspapers in Colorado, along with it's business partner, The Rocky Mountain News. Colorado is a Super Tuesday state, and the ...
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The President’s final State of the Union address was the worst of his tenure. The speech was devoid of substance and filled with misrepresentation.
by Diana DeGette
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I had no idea when I went down to the Stout St. Medical Clinic in Denver today to observe the health care event with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Colorado Reps. Diana DeGette and Jared Polis, that ...
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SquareState.net is reporting that Rep. Diana DeGette says she'll follow the will of ...
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Legally, Act Blue can't operate on a state ...
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Fifteen months ago, the world was changed when we elected Barack Obama as our next President. After eight years of the Bush administration, there were many problems to tackle – the biggest ...
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