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by jillian
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There's a group of women, and some men, who desperately need the help of politically activist minded people. Most of you folks probably think of yourselves that way. That's why I'm appealing to you.
by DaNang65
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This story is breaking in the Chicago Tribune.... EPA political appointees force removal of well-respected EPA Regional Administrator Mary Gade after pressure from Dow Chemical Company. Links ...
by LakeSuperior
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From the Wonk Room .
by The Cunctator
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Many are aware of the decision handed down on Friday by a Federal Appeals Court in New York. The court ruled that the Vietnamese plaintiffs could not pursue claims against Dow Chemical Company, ...
by truong son traveler
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Well...after listening to talk of H.R. 1955, I'm scared shitless, really. Environmentalists and forward "green thinkers" have been targeted as being "terrorists" before, but when a so called "...
by jillian
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This originally was a comment to a diary by Deep Harm last night http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/4/13/85937/3610 and several folks encouraged me to make it a diary. Please see below the fold. I ...
by Translator
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What do these two have in common apart from being sticky when baked at high temperature? Well, there's international concern about the safety of Italy's famous ...
by Asinus Asinum Fricat
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I am guessing that many of you may not have heard of Maude DeVictor. She is one awesome lady. I want to tell you a little about agent orange, Maude, and the effect both have had on me. I was ...
by Vetwife
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Yesterday the Vietnamese victims of agent orange/dioxin appealed a 2005 ruling which denied them class action ...
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Retired Master Sergeant LeRoy Foster is haunted by the job that launched his 20-year career in the US Air Force—spraying herbicides along perimeter fences and fuel pipelines at Andersen Air ...
by Jan Barry
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In the seaside city of Da Nang, Vietnam, a clean-up is underway to remove dioxin-contaminated soil at a former U.S. military air base. Some 8,500 miles to the east, another clean-up is underway to ...
by Jan Barry
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A group in Somerville, Texas, RightsforAmerica (www.rightsforamerica.com) has put out an open letter to billionaire Warren Buffett chronicling the plight of its residents after the alleged burning ...
by leslieb310
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The Detroit Free Press today released a revealing story concerning an inadvertent release of a secret EPA memorandum on how Dow Chemical delayed cleanup of highly toxic chlorinated dibenzo-dioxin/...
by LakeSuperior
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Following up on my previous post about this, I did speak with lawyer Robert Weiss last week. He is defending about 100 of the plaintiffs in the Somerville, Texas dioxin case. Just that morning, the ...
by leslieb310
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A few days ago, a crew of scientists testing Michigan's Saginaw River encountered a high concentration of the ...
by CrazyDrumGuy
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At least one diary had been posted talking about how regulation can not make our food safe. I agree, to some extent. Regulations, without enforcement, are completely worthless. I ...
by Translator
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This article, by Paul J. Nyden, appeared Dec. 16 in the Sunday Gazette-Mail, Charlestown, West Virginia. People who lived near the former Monsanto plant in Nitro that produced dioxins ...
by flowerfarmer
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Vietnam and New Jersey, despite the vast distance between them, share a deadly link. Both places, lushly beautiful this time of year, were poisoned by United States government actions ...
by Jan Barry
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I am an avid reader, but I can only read so many books a year. And sometimes, I am just too busy, or tired. I have kids now and that means less reading, for pleasure or personal research. I hit ...
by GreenMother
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