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If my very first diary here at DKos was titled "A New Hope" , the flurry of events over the past several weeks would surely ...
by Yalin
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In case you missed it -- the Koch Brothers are trying to claim they are NOT the Oil-grubbing Billionaires , NOT the Global Warming denialists , that they have spent a minor fortune investing in. ...
by jamess
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There was some News -- that has been 'Bigfooted' by Breitbart -- this week. News ...
by jamess
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This morning, Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign called on Senator Barack Obama to release all documents related to his 2005 purchase of a home adjacent to land owned by Tony Rezko. The Obama ...
by jhutson
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Thanks to the intrepid reporting of Lee Fang, and a couple of bloggers at OpenSecrets.org doing some digging. Koch Operative Steered $55 Million To Front Groups Airing Ads Against Democrats ; Ads ...
by jamess
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I am calling on the DailyKos admins to make their disclosure policy extremely clear on shills. And by shills I don't just mean Executive Branch organizations. Why am I posting this now? Well, ...
by joanneleon
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This may be legal, but it sure isn't fair very patriotic. Much of what Enron did was legal too -- but it still caused little old grandmas to spend extra money, that they couldn't afford -- to ...
by jamess
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by AWhitneyBrown
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Hi there. I'm TooFolkGR. You may know me as the Adam B from Michigan, as opposed to the other Adam B (I don't know where he's from). It's Adam Bakker if you'd like to Facebook Friend me (please ...
by TooFolkGR
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From Talking Points Memo : The House Ethics Committee plans to reverse its decision to eliminate the disclosure of all-expense-trips on annual finance reports, after a report on the change by the ...
by ericlewis0
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But it wasn't anyone who personally benefited from the little-mentioned Swiss-US Tax Havens, themselves. No, those Swiss-US clients, got only a stern, scary warning instead. And ample opportunity ...
by jamess
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Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) www.irs.gov How does that severely conservative saying go? If you haven't done anything wrong -- then you don't have anything to worry about {...
by jamess
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I just saw the Former Governor of Pennsylvania, Ed Rendell frantically spinning and STILL selling the Chained-CPI to Alex Witt, today on MSNBC (sorry have yet to find a video clip of it.) Rendell ...
by jamess
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UPDATE on the mysteriously $1,350 "cash gift" that ALEC gave to Eric Cantor. Eric Cantor has quietly disclosed this $1,350 gift from ALEC as a bust of Thomas Jefferson (not cash). Cantor also ...
by NikkiWDC
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( Caricature by DonkeyHotey ) Rick Santorum likes to stress his working-class roots, of having grown up in public housing as the grandson of an ...
by Meteor Blades
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20 years of filing false financial statements, which is a crime, are finally starting to catch up to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. A report of professional misconduct was filed with the ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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While perusing the Twitterverse, I came upon the following article:
by zenbassoon
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I like the idea of knowing who is Funding those fly-by-night Front Groups. This might be one way to pin an "origination" to all that unfettered Corporate Speech, that the "
by jamess
Comment Count 45 comments on Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 09:32 AM PST with 41 Recommends
For some reason, holding Top Secret Meetings to save our "free market" way of life, kind of bugs me. It's not just that I don't trust Billionaires -- it just kind of bugs me they want ...
by jamess
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New Policy May Affect Wiretap, Torture Suits By Carrie Johnson Washington Post Staff ...
by understandinglife
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