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As usual, Dick Cheney, the talking meatsticks, the right wing noise machine and even some of us here are getting wrapped up in and lost in side issues and distractions – some of which may or ...
by clammyc
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by buhdydharma
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It is simple. And it isn’t just her. But since this is just the latest incident of hate speech from the right wing talking meatsticks, she is just as good an example as any. It could be ...
by clammyc
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by Bob Johnson
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Wow, seems that Senator Obama was spot-on about the bitter voters of some small towns in America. Here's a good case-in-point. Remember the woman who asked Sen. Obama about lapel pins during the ...
by pmb
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I am posting this diary only as a brief distraction for my fellow Kossacks. I have maxed out my contributions to Barack and have donated to several down ticket races thousands of miles from my home.
by Haole in Hawaii
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DISTRACTED Squirrel has come to be short-hand for being distracted which is exactly what happened to what I was planning to write this morning. I had a topic in mind since Tuesday. I had mapped ...
by TexDem
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As you all know by now, the McCain campaign announced they will go all out negative as a last desperate attempt to take the economy off the table and focus on Obama instead. Shame on them.
by evathia
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by BentLiberal
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There is a reason why Paul Krugman is a Nobel Prize-winning economist, and not a political operative who seeks to elect more and better Democrats. Case in point:
by Benintn
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Another in a series of late-night mental health diaries. This one will focus on the amazing birds of the Okavango Delta of Botswana. I was fortunate enough to travel there earlier this year for a ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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Another in a series of mental health / brief distraction diaries. I was fortunate enough to visit the Okavango Delta of Botswana earlier this year on a photography vacation and these shots are a ...
by Haole in Hawaii
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I DON'T KNOW WHAT EVERYONE IS YELLING ABOUT! OK, so I thought some of us could use a sanity diary, and I figger I'm the guy to provide one. I am not an fancy big-city lawyer, or an economist, or ...
by Shelbyville Manhattan
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If you caught Orly Taitz's full strait-jacket meltdown on MSNBC with Dave Schuster and Tamron Hall you probably thought you'd seen it all. Well...no you haven't. What if I told you Phil Berg (...
by henry porter
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by jamess
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distract : verb to draw attention away . The party leadership now has a way to distract us from the public option in conference. They allowed the Stupidpak ...
by VA gentlewoman
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If you haven't figured it out already, ideas such as " Operation Hilarity " (denunciations of which currently dominate the Rec List) owe their traction to two things: 1) the American public is ...
by Cassiodorus
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Thought the community might enjoy a modest diversion from the spate of "Why my candidate is the Messiah, and yours is the Anti-Christ, and he/she can't beat the GOP in November" offerings. About a ...
by aravir
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by tim779
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[Cross-posted at The Left Coaster ] As the sickening urgency and excitement of war ripples across our consciousness once again ( livetweets from a bombing run witness! ), it would be very well to ...
by paradox
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