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There was some News -- that has been 'Bigfooted' by Breitbart -- this week. News ...
by jamess
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It is being aired on MSNBC right now.....
by bluestatemeant
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Does the term Progressive mean anything anymore? Surely it has an historical meaning and there are some roundabout descriptions of modern progressivism online like this one from Wikipedia : ...
by joe shikspack
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He's talking now in Norfolk, VA. The discussion is going to be about education, but first he took a moment to address the latest distraction from the McCain campaign. He's basically flicking the ...
by Muzikal203
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Last night, Jon Stewart had an epic opening segment on how Fox News accuses Obama of distracting from what they want to talk about, when it's actually them who want ...
by BruinKid
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I wonder how Breitbart will like it when the Magnifying Glass get pointed in his direction? Let's see, shall we? Maybe we can make his feet a little toasty ...
by jamess
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A few days ago, I stumbled across a very insightful blogpost titled, Six Things To Stop Being Distracted By When A Black Person Gets Murdered By Police . It was written by the uber talented blogger ...
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Just finished reading this diary . Realized I needed to post the story below as a response. I'm going to bed. Enjoy.
by WarrenS
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Hey, Kossacks. Things are a little tense around here lately, so in an effort to alleviate some tension, I decided to do a "just for fun" style diary to distract us from all the important work there ...
by droogie6655321
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The Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa sent a seven year old girl home from school because of her dreads in which the school calls a Faddish distraction.
by The Sheeping of America
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Since pulling random Definitions, out of the air, during Presidential Interviews, seem to be topic de jour ... Here's another Definition we might want to get up to speed on ...
by jamess
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Exhibit A: Mark Krikorian's attack on Sotomayor. It's sad Republicans have been reduced to ...
by henry porter
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This diary originally started as a rambling screed about how right-wing extremists are still driving the narrative, no longer with genuine -- and mercifully transient -- Administration ...
by ewhac
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A dutch map of Africa dividing it into different regions, that may help you get your bearings. I love maps. I know the geography of the United States cold. I know where the state ...
by elfling
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by Dburn
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Obama was on point, focused, calm and direct in his interview with Chris Wallace on Fox today (transcript here ). He ...
by Asp
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When, years from now, hindsight-benefited historians look back on the primary elections of 2008, especially during the weeks in April and early May, one thing will appear crystal clear: flag lapel ...
by StrangeAnimals
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This one is particularly biting against the MSM and mirrors much of what we have all been saying for years, if not decades. It's high time someone made an effective satire of it, ...
by Swampfoot
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I know this might go against the current, pessimistic Democratic myopia but I think the McCain campaign has made a serious, perhaps fatal mistake with their Palin selection and recent ...
by kloris
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More than a month on from giving in Philadelphia his powerful and frank speech on religion and race in America – a speech in which Mr. Obama invited Americans of all hues to look up from the ...
by StrangeAnimals
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