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Yes, he really did say that. He also said that he supports Dan Rather in his lawsuit against his former employers at CBS. http://www.tvweek.com/news/2007/09/koppel_on_rather_suit_squeezin....
by McCamy Taylor
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In April 2012, I reported on the Second Circuit decision reviving a billion-dollar 2 suit filed against YouTube in 2007 by a broad coalition of plaintiffs, including Viacom, Paramount, the Premier ...
by Adam B
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I've seen a few "Save Web Radio" posts here at DK over the past few weeks; most sink quickly. Which, given the fact that there are so many other things going on (US Attorney scandals, questionable ...
by hubcity
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A couple of weeks ago, I broke the news that Right Wing Watch's Youtube account had been terminated for alleged copyright violations , thanks to complaints by ultra-right-wing anti-gay hatemonger ...
by ApostleOfCarlin
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I'm stunned. Last night I almost missed a revolution. It wasn't there at 4 pm Mountain time. It was over by 2 am the next morning.
by captbobalou
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Phone unlocking ban could hit you in the wallet As of Saturday, your options for owning an unlocked phone become far more limited. You can ask your carrier to unlock it—and good luck with that—...
by qw3rty
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As of this moment, the USDOJ website at http://justice.gov as well as that of the Motion Picture Association of America (http://mpaa.org) appear to be down or at least severely impacted by an ...
by Shuksan Tahoma
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The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit today has overturned a previous grant of summary judgment in YouTube's favor, and revived a billion-dollar lawsuit alleging intentional ...
by Adam B
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This is a short diary, with some news: Gordon Klingenschmitt, aka Dr. Chaps, the disgraced and court-martialed former Air Force chaplain, who now spends his time spreading homophobic bigotry on the ...
by ApostleOfCarlin
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The long, tired saga of Hollywood media companies lashing out because they are frightened by technology continues. Earlier this week a judge ruled in favor of several movie studios who had sued to ...
by Seth Oldmixon
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It is one thing to demand a restoration of basic reason to government policy, and quite another to demand it simultaneously on all fronts. I cannot, therefore, blame the government for moving ahead ...
by Troubadour
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I'll try to keep this simple. If you've read my past diaries, you know that I have had an ongoing battle with a group of Wisconsin thugs known on Facebook as "Operation Burn Notice" and "Knot My ...
by Bill Schmalfeldt
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The president's votes on FISA , ...
by squarewheel
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Over the past couple of days, I wrote diaries that pointed at trends that are a threat to not only Net Neutrality, but the basic openness of the Internet that has fostered the explosive growth of ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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by Randular
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Yesterday I posted a diary which sank into oblivion, Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Act Police State to Protect Iron Man 2? . One of only ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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In june of 2009, a story surfaced about the alleged suppression by the US EPA of information related to climate change. The source of the information was reported to be one Dr. Alan Carlin, who, ...
by greenman3610
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Ok, not exactly yet another SOPA, PIPA, diary. (I mean, aren't they dead? Didn't we win that one?) They passed the DMCA (which is a turd for other reasons) and there was a compromise in there. ...
by hairylarry
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The results are in. In yesterday's European Parliament electons, the Swedish Pirate Party succeded in ...
by BluePlatypus
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Looks like the copyright wars regarding YouTube have gotten hotter. Not only have we learned today that NBC Universal and Fox plan on [http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070322/wr_nm/...
by Progressive Moderate
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