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An Obama supporter in my community, Steve, came up with a great idea for an Obama ad. Too good, in fact, not to share. He's an Independent and not a member of this community, but he gave me ...
by Parallax857
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Tomorrow morning Obama will be on "Good Morning America" and he finally does some pushback on the McCain townhall BS. For those who may not know, John McCain has been blaming Obama's non-acceptance ...
by Muzikal203
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by Al Rodgers
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* *
by Al Rodgers
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It's another Friday, and the sun is shining (we're going to get up to 71 degrees here in lovely Columbus, Ohio), and I'm in a great mood. In the spirit of Fridays I like to post "happy" stuff, and ...
by Muzikal203
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This ad is brutal, using Romney's comments at the RNC about climate change against the back drop of hurricane Sandy. Not much needs to be said here... pretty much speaks for itself...
by cooper888
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President Obama is continuing the drumbeat of doubt and skepticism over Mitt Romney. A new 32 sec TV Ad released Saturday is titled "Firms" as the ad rolls, Mitt Romney is singing a painful ...
by rem123
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Like Howard Deans 50 state strategy to take the WH was a brilliant move, this ad campaign is also brilliant move to keep both houses of congress in democratic hands. It's not often that I offer ...
by hillary42008
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Obama takes it to the street on this one folks! It's been a bad week for John McCain. We've all counted at least 12 blunders by him or his surrogates (whether ...
by Excelscior1
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Obama's New ad "Zero"
by Kitty
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This is a short, but I think important diary. Sifting through my comments on my diary about Petraeus's failures yesterday, I found this ...
by DelicateMonster
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TPM today highlights a link to the first Actually.org ad of the campaign cycle, featuring Rosie Perez' brilliant take-down of Mitt Romney over why he won't have Latino support. Here's the two-...
by bbussey
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Now, I'm sure you all know that I don't have a wife, if you didn't I'm telling you I don't. But there is an article that was linked on the Huffington Post that I found to be really moving, and I ...
by Muzikal203
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Cross posted from Blue Virginia , where we're also fighting insanity like this and this .
by lowkell
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I think we can now say that the Obama Campaign has fully transitioned from the quasi Ali rope-a-dope to a more aggressive posture. The combination punches are being unleashed!! Woot!
by ZenMaster Coltrane
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My sister did not survive an ill-advised pregnancy. She died at 32 along with her seven month baby girl. She was discovered by her four year old son, still, on the couch at a retreat near Lake ...
by Auriandra
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Let me tell you - this is really personal. I have a tough time talking about it. But now is the time to speak. When I was just a kid - all of 14 - I was raped. This is not about that though. ...
by woodtick
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Really liked this new ad released this morning and wanted to share it with everyone.
by Teach53
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UPDATE - There's also a diary on the PA ad by Sheddhead here that predated mine (Sorry!) but I didn't see. :) I guess we shouldn't be surprised ...
by Sharon Jumper
Comment Count 284 comments on Wed Apr 16, 2008 at 08:52 AM PDT with 247 Recommends
This is freaking awesome. Run this ad 24/7!!!!!!! TPM : The Obama campaign has a new ad set to air in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia tying Mitt Romneys' remarks decrying the 47 percent of Americans ...
by cdub24
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