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(Diarist's note: This is a very lengthy diary--one of my longest, in fact--with multiple breaking news stories in it, which convey some very depressing new pieces of information about the current ...
by bobswern
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Standard economic theory claims that millions of rational individuals simultaneously acting on their self interest produces results that are in society's collective best interests. The utter ...
by steve1960
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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee recently launched The Big Ideas project. At this site, people like you and me can submit ...
by akadjian
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by The Bulldog Manifesto
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(Crossposted at Docudharma ) I thought that a discussion of Hudson's book book would be pertinent in terms of recent discussions of ...
by Cassiodorus
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This diary seeks to question: why haven't we heard any more analysis about how the war against Iraq is being paid-for out of a situation called "dollar hegemony," wherein the US manufactures dollars ...
by Cassiodorus
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Another essay with an organization of thoughts regarding a commonly misunderstood economic phenomenon regarding the trade deficit and $ hegemony, please criticize at will!: ----------- Smothered ...
by aguadito
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