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Russell Tice, former NSA analyst, is talking to Keith Olberman as I type this, providing some stunning revelations about the extent and nature of the Bush administration's domestic spying program. I'
by RiderOnTheStorm
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by Welshman
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by Public D
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To be honest, at first glance I thought (and hoped) that this was an article from The Onion. Unfortunately, it seems like the police have transcended even the bounds of parody. I'll keep the ...
by Scientistocrat
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"When will someone stand up and say traitor !?" ~snip~ "The American way of life is being systematically dismantled and destroyed. The Republic is ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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I'll keep the commentary low, because the event speaks for itself. So much for the religious tradition the Republican party prides itself on and uses as the basis to deny so many rights. A recent ...
by Scientistocrat
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Hi everyone, Just wanted to share an excerpt from this interesting Politico article: And in once-peaceful Bunkerville, residents grow more and more restless and fearful of what could still happen. ...
by jenesaiswha
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Yesterday, Russell Tice appeared on Countdown with Keith Olberman (
by RiderOnTheStorm
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I'm frankly speechless. Alternet gives us an extremely heartwrenching and significant story on the state of police brutality in our country, one that shows the level of ignorance and hypocrisy is ...
by Scientistocrat
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Cliven Bundy, I'm calling you out. A study conducted by the nonpartisan agency the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism has found in a study reported to the US ...
by Scientistocrat
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While we're all chuckling at Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's realization of the existence of Notorious R.B.G. or how Satanists, dealing an unexpected blow to conservatives, with their own unique take ...
by Scientistocrat
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This is a series of ongoing women’s consciousness raising sessions.This is how it works: We are inviting women from diverse cultures, races, sexual orientation, and all who self-...
by NY brit expat
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Amidst the ridiculous right wing conspiratorial silliness regarding the Jade Helm 15 military exercises put on by the Pentagon, U.S. military bases were put under heightened alert for possible ...
by laloalcaraz
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We Americans obviously reserve our rights to bear arms, because of the 2nd Amendment and its "clear doctrine" of the right to self-defense. Apparently, that extends to self-defense against your own ...
by Scientistocrat
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A very good piece by pre-eminent historian Eric Foner appeared in the London Review of Books entitled the return of the class struggle: http://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2011/02/...
by NY brit expat
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by jlms qkw
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The current prison system is one that is mired in inequality, partially a product of a broken justice system. As Stanford University summates : Although African-Americans constitute only 12 percent ...
by Scientistocrat
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In what has been Israel's sixth attack against a United Nations Relief and Works Agency and six attacks too many, another school in Gaza has been shelled in Israel's currently bloody and baseless ...
by Scientistocrat
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I'll try to leave the commentary low, but wow. A recent study published by the University of Nebraska looking at everything from self-reported psychological differences to behavior in the anterior ...
by Scientistocrat
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The "Americans Against the Tea Party" have recently compiled an interesting list of quotes form the founding fathers that deconstructs a lot of what the Tea Party stands for and shows that this ...
by Scientistocrat
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