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Something astonishing happened in the last twenty four hours. Grassroots/netroots contributions raised here on the Kos and other websites created a formidable challenge capable of preventing the re-...
by Bill Prendergast
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And during those dorm years, when I was busy studying, the Lord put in my heart, that if I would be diligent and I would be steadfast, He would take me to law school. And I thought, law ...
by Bill Prendergast
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by DarkSyde
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by dogemperor
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Atheist whistle blower Army Specialist Jeremy Hall has become the target of despicable threats by Dominionist Christians in his own unit. This from Jason Leopold ...
by Shockwave
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A grocery store chain called Blue Cage has achieved fairly large success over its 45 years of business. It has 1,614 grocery store locations in 39 states, and opens new stores at the rate of 30-40 ...
by weatherdude
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by ePluribus Media
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Ex-Evangelical Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Christian Reconstructionist Politics "Anti-...
by jamess
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I don't think these GOP Assholes understand what they are asking for. I know that they have a fantasy about breaking up the union, and turning this into a collection of city states with a' la carte` ...
by GreenMother
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I buy the store brand butter, the cheapest available at our local supermarket. Today as I was purchasing a pound of butter, the cashier, on older woman (I'm guessing over 60, maybe over 65) asked ...
by Steven D
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Thanks to Kos and the Kossacks for their generosity in trying to topple Michele Bachmann (MN-06) from her supposedly safe Congressional seat. Who is Michele Bachmann? Bachmann is perhaps the ...
by Bill Prendergast
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[ Promoted by DHinMI ] SoonerG already has a good diary that points out ...
by Larry Madill
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by RobertInWisconsin
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http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/24/us-usa-idaho-christian-idUSKBN0LS2Q020150224 The Kootenai County (Idaho) GOP has a proposal for a platform plank to declare Idaho a “Christian state.” ...
by Village Vet
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There's lots of names for it: the End Times, the End of Days, the Rapture, the Apocalypse. The belief system that says we can put our brains on hold , stop waking up everyday, to ...
by jamess
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How could she have been re-elected? How could that nut, with her nationally televised call for an investigation into "anti-Americanism" in members of Congress--have been re-elected, this year? The ...
by Bill Prendergast
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"WTF?" That's what I'd say if I woke up to that headline. But it's true. Part 1:
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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And in the midst of all this, as if we didn't have enough to do, He called me to run for the Minnesota State Senate. I had no idea, and no desire to be in politics. Absolutely none. --
by Bill Prendergast
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Today her take on what she said about investigating Congress for anti-Americans remains the same: I ...
by Bill Prendergast
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My friend Tracey came up with the title for this diary. She posted this declaration on one of the Gyno Governors' walls, and I was enchanted. What, exactly, is the fascination that fundamentalists ...
by BadKitties
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