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The mother of a friend of mine is a recovered Catholic. Actually, that's not true. One couldn't even honestly call her a recovering Catholic. Both terms would imply that some form of greater healing ...
by cabaretic
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How does lowering the minimum wage in Greece do anything to improve the economy of the nation? Does lowering the income of those barely making it in any way contribute to stimulating the economy, ...
by teacherken
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Yesterday we explored psychologist Jonathan Haidt's research on how progressives and ...
by NCrissieB
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My email inbox is exploding with repeatedly forwarded and, no doubt, fossil fuel industry generated climate denial propaganda. The nutjobs are out in force because it's cold and snowing in January.
by Puddytat
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This is not well crafted, because I have to finalize a brief I am filing, but I have to get a load off, and I can't focus on my real work until I do. A wee bit of foundational background: If you ...
by LarsThorwald
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Our pathetic national media just drive me crazy sometimes. CNN.com runs the headline: "CNN Poll: Quarter doubt Obama was born in U.S." NYTimes.com's The Caucus blog uses: "On ...
by claudsam
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Yes I have a confession to make. I have been caught in the act of worrying. Talking aloud of my doubt on progressives' resolution for meaningful health care reform with a public option. I have been ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Last week I wrote a diary asking if it was possible to feel compassion for my enemies. The responses I received were phenomenal: thought provoking challenges, words of encouragement - far more than ...
by 84thProblem
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I've thought about this a bit and I am getting the sickening feeling that 1. We could well end up with no bill at all or 2. We could well end up with a bill that we don't find palatable. If so, ...
by onanyes
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Explaining religion to the uninitiated is an enormous part of what I do through my writings and through other work. It should be said that I don't see myself as an evangelical spreading the Good ...
by cabaretic
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So...I've only done this once or twice but because of popular demand I'm allowing a "guest dairy" by Dan Yurman of the famous pro-nuclear blog, Idaho ...
by davidwalters
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You know the vague, haunting feeling that you’ve been through something before? The nagging sense that everything going on around you is a re-play of some hazy memory, experience, or ...
by Pangloss
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It seems that the final dying spasm of the McCain/Palin supporters is an attempt to skew the exit polls. The leading front page article on redstate.com is a plea to their readers to re-initiate "...
by JRandomPoster
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We are fighting against a culture of cynicism, but what is often forgotten is that cynicism is merely a response to the failed ideas and ideals of romanticism. Hence we are often romantics ...
by cabaretic
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As the McCain campaign enters its final throes, we Democrats and supporters of Barack Obama should be ready for the final strategy which will most likely be one of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt.
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by mkrell
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The Quaker artist Edward Hicks is well known among the Religious Society of Friends, but less so among others. Though an adept and respected minister in his own faith, it is for his series of ...
by cabaretic
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