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I imagine that Keith's reaction may be something like the beginning of the below when BillO tried to get Olbermann taken off the air.
by turneresq
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So the latest inane taking point from obstructionist Republican senators regarding their blockade of President Obama's nominees to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals goes like this: each of the three ...
by TXdem
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I have Paul Krugman to thank for this chicanery. It's pretty funny though. Don't know the original source or I would laud him/her too. Check out Professor K's blog at this link... http://...
by Pragmatus
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The trillion dollar platinum coin is probably not going to happen , although Paul Krugman makes a really strong case for it here. The problem is apparently the silliness factor - people ...
by xaxnar
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There's a battle going on between those who are defending Social Security - that is to say, the "good guys" - and those like economist Alice Rivlin and Wall Street banker/giveaway king Neel Kashkari,
by RJ Eskow
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by outside
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by Simian
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Today, David Brooks hoists himself by his own petard of absurdist, disingenuous blather. I refer to ...
by Parallax857
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It's the McEvil laugh. If you do it just right, all the laughs and music from the Dr. Evil clip match perfectly with the John McCain clip.
by beatstreet
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This one goes out to Rev. Yearwood, Jay Z and Mike Meyers. Prisoner: Hey, man. I know talking parrots that makes more sense than you. Dr. Evil: Really? Than let me put it this way, bird brain. ...
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