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Ms. Palin, if you are among those who believe that political change can come about non-violently, without hate, violence, or the threat of violence, now would be an excellent time to say so.
by RH Reality Check
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Grr. Argh. I've been reading all these scary ass articles lately about an alarming number of states condescendingly restricting a woman's right to choose. These new laws (or pending bills, which I ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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My fifteen year old daughter was crying last night. It was my fault. She was in the room with me when I watched the news about the attempted assassination of of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford ...
by Steven D
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This should be obvious: we need to get GOP politicians on the record as saying that the murder of Dr. George Tiller was an act -- a /successful/ act -- of terrorism. We need the public to ...
by Seneca Doane
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Dr. Hern : There is no middle-ground with people who want to kill you. The Only Difference between the American Anti-Abortion Movement and the Taliban - is about 8000 Miles .
by Frank Vyan Walton
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This is a diary about the recommendation I received for a Daily Kos diary I wrote that gives me the greatest pride. It happened in 2007. It’s a bit daunting to think back. At all the fine times, ...
by BeninSC
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Much has been written the last few days about abortion. I guess I started the newest wave with Obama Swings Right on ...
by dhonig
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Rachel Maddow's entire show on Monday, October 25, 2010, at 9:00 pm EST will be devoted to a special on the assassination of abortion provider Dr.
by annrose
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This week the big news in this country was the San Jose shooting, and the big news in the war on women was in the responses to it. Perhaps most notable was the start of #yesallwomen, which became a ...
by ramara
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This piece by Julie Burkhart, Dr. Tiller's right-hand woman, was first published on RH Reality Check earlier today. What's happening in Nebraska right now isn't local. ...
by Dia
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After the assassination of my friend Dr. George Tiller in May of 2009, there are only a few abortion doctors willing to ...
by annrose
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I am pro-life. I believe that the government has a compelling interest in the promotion of life. But I'm not an extremist. The morning after pill I can support. I support the distribution of condoms,
by The Bagof Health and Politics
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by Jen Hayden
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This week's edition of "Forays Into Freeperville" began with a little trepidation on my part. It's one thing to read Freeper's comments about our president or his SCOTUS appointees. However, it's ...
by Eclectablog
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This past Thursday night Judge Warren Wilbert gave Scott Roeder the maximum sentence for murdering my mentor, Dr. George Tiller last May: life in prison with the possibility of parole after 50 years,
by trustwomen
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The GOP has to pay for embracing the vitriol that led to Dr. Tiller's assassination. They don't get a pass anymore.
by henry porter
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In Illinois, Amy S. tells the story of how a wanted pregnancy turned into a parent's nightmare, and the many obstacles to compassionate care she and her family faced. Written by Khadine ...
by RH Reality Check
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What if women seeking and/ or having safe abortion care were treated as equal? What if they had equal protection under the law? What if these women were able to arrive and depart at safe abortion ...
by Womantrust
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I won't call this a victory yet . The Kansas Supreme Court has temporarily blocked a grand jury, convened at the request of abortion opponents, from obtaining the medical records of ...
by RiverCityMadman
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Operation Rescue has long maintained Tiller Watch, a section of their website devoted to keeping tabs on Dr. George Tiller, the abortion provider who was murdered today in Wichita. Shortly after the ...
by Blue Intrigue
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