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This is how yesterday, Friday, June 15th was characterized by columnist Mark Shields on the PBS Newshour. He offered one of the best, concise summaries of how Romney got thoroughly pwned by ...
by eXtina
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by Denise Oliver Velez
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Governor Jan Brewer told the attendees at the Arizona Town Hall yesterday, that all the outrage over SB-1070 would just fade away and Arizona's economy has a glowing future!!!! Outside, a last ...
by AgavePup
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Harry Reid has all sorts of surprises up his sleeve. First, he includes the language on repealing DADT in the Defense Appropriations Bill. Now, he is including the DREAM Act in the Defense ...
by askew
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The Senate votes tomorrow on whether to consider the Defense Authorization Bill, which contains provisions that will eventually allow the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell . If that vote ...
by jpmassar
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Not looking for half-measures. (Jeff Topping/Reuters) Overheard by reporters standing outside a fundraiser: Mr. Romney was frank in both his policy prescriptions and his obstacles as he addressed ...
by kos
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Today's Phoenix New Times has a feature story about Angelica Hernandez, who will graduate today from Arizona State University. A "Distinguished Graduate," she is also a class valedictorian.
by Mother Mags
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President Obama is not letting up on the Republicans and Romney. Today he wrote an op-ed column in Time Magazine about his directive to use prosecutorial discretion regarding those who came here as ...
by TomP
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by Dante Atkins
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It's not often that I can feel proud of my state. After all, California has one of the most dysfunctional legislatures on the continent, we passed Proposition 8, we have a deficit the size of the ...
by jpmassar
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This is what happens when Republicans are confronted by the people whose lives they want to destroy. They either ignore the problem, or get angry for it even being brought up. Rep. Steve King was ...
by msinovic
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A special greeting to Dodd supporters: Welcome to the NFL. Chris Dodd has been hailed as a tremendous leader and everyone else trembling chihuahuas coasting in his wake. Well, Chris Dodd ...
by Geekesque
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Believe it or not there are reports circulating among the Wrong-Wing of exactly that . Keyboard Miltia:
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Hi, all. I hope you continue to have a great holiday. Today's report features: • West Wing Week, 11/26/10: The White House's video restrospective on the week just past. &
by Kat 4 Obama
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As I noted yesterday, providing relief for DREAM kids would be worth tens of millions in Spanish-language advertising. Today's decision is certainly front-and-center in Spanish-language online ...
by kos
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Last night, Jon Stewart looked at how the right-wing, especially Sean Hannity, were going apeshit over Obama's new immigration policy on letting DREAM Act students stay in this country, and of ...
by BruinKid
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Last October 8, we had the privilege of welcoming President Obama as he joined 7,000 farm workers and supporters at the dedication of the Cesar Chavez National Monument at La Paz in the small ...
by Arturo S Rodriguez
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My name is Esmy Jimenez. I was raised in a small town in Washington State known for agriculture and friendly people. I graduated from the local high school as the Senior Class President. I was ...
by esmyjimenez
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This ain't no homeless shelter, it's the Vatican. (Jean-Christophe BENOIST/ Wikicommons ) Last month the Catholic ...
by Scott Wooledge
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Zaraida "Ale" Reyes was a Dreamer. Additionally she was a transgender activist. Her partially naked body was discovered on Thursday behind a Dairy Queen in Anaheim . She was 28.
by rserven
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