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Like you, I have watched, these past six years, the Democrats, over and over and over again, collapse when confronted by George W. Bush. Like you, I have heard these Democrats say, every time, as ...
by blueness
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by DemocraticLuntz
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"Watergate" used to be a noun that represented a part of a system of canals. Then it was the name of a swanky hotel, office and apartment complex in Washington. Now, of course, it's synonymous ...
by occams hatchet
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A simple question: After Barack Obama is swept into office next tuesday, at the crest of a wave that embodies the rejection of the last eight years of George W. Bush's maladministration of this ...
by the law of ducks
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by Bryce in Seattle
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This is a profile of the Politiformers in the first decade of the new millennium. Know them well! It was a Reagan-era act of deregulation (98 FCC 2d 1076 [1984], to be exact [PDF]) that set these ...
by Simplify
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I am going to file cloture in just a second, which I hate to do—another motion to proceed. Boy, if there were ever a time when Tom Udall and Jeff Merkley were prophetic, it is tonight. These two ...
by Simplify
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Jerry Brown urges 'prudence of Joseph' on future spending By David Siders, "Capitol Alert," Sacramento Bee November 7, 2012 Gov. Jerry Brown said today that he will not use an expected Democratic ...
by Simplify
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A WaPo article posted a couple hours ago tells us John Conyers isn't quite dead yet.
by Nina Katarina
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Some people have no idea how goddamn fragile the universe is, you know? How temporary and tenuous and genuinely ...
by keirdubois
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by cartwrightdale
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POLITIFORMERS: Robots oh these guys! [ Part I - II - III - IV -
by Simplify
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POLITIFORMERS: More than meets the pie! [ Part I - II - III - IV -
by Simplify
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Word is that the Whitehouse is preparing to ask the progressives, in the base and in Congress, to be "good soldiers" on healthcare reform. Thus, once again, we are expected to swallow any old piece ...
by My Philosophy
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by pyrrho
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