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Today we're announcing that ten more companies have made sure their ads won't run on Glenn Beck's program : Adding ...
by ColorOfChange
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Update 8: If you wish to help this diary along, please dvr Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, and start a similar diary four days from now with an updated list of all of their advertisers. We will contact ...
by wikoogle
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And the game is afoot. With the GOP house childishly voting in lockstep against the stimulus bill, liberal groups are set to air a BRUTAL ad tomorrow asking the simple question: Will you side with ...
by turneresq
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by Rippe
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by 5 Oclock Shadow
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On Monday of this week, I published a diary on Daily Kos about Walmart's new ad campaign. Then, Kory Lundberg, a member of Walmart's "communications team" responded with a comment . Because it's ...
by Calvin F Exoo
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Found at Raw Story First the Cadillac ad. It is per Raw Story's assessment, obnoxious through and through; a smug capitalist pep talk on American exceptionalism delivered with an annoying swagger.
by xxdr zombiexx
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Obama pounced on McCain's "fundamentals are strong" remarks for an ad put out this morning . That's good stuff and ...
by dansac
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MSNBC's Donnie Deutsch just called (on air!) for advertisers to boycott Glenn Beck for his "Obama is a racist"
by aggregatescience
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So, Remember, how until today 11 am ET, McCain was not going to Debate until the deal went through? Well, if you needed more proof of this blatant political stunt, McCain campaign has web ads out ...
by Obama Soldier
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More Please! At the ...
by Steven R
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Our campaign to hold Glenn Beck accountable for his race-baiting and fear-mongering has been a great success, with 62 advertisers making it clear ...
by ColorOfChange
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You know, I don't shop at JCPenney, and I've never particularly cared for their stores, but they've been pretty damn awesome on gay issues. I'm sure you remember the brouhaha after they named Ellen ...
by Chrislove
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Great news today in our campaign against Glenn Beck. We're announcing that nineteen more of Beck's advertisers have stopped supporting his show. ...
by ColorOfChange
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BIG UPDATE: Both NetBank and Verizon have pulled their ads on Coulter's website. See the diary for info on NetBank and the comments for info on Verizon! ALSO, Washington Mutual has pulled their ads.
by peteri2
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Most of us have this stuff in our kitchens: "Many Household Uses." Never mind their vagueness here, those are words for our times. "Baking soda," or if you prefer its chemical name, "bicarbonate ...
by karmsy
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by webranding
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Ann Coulter's latest bigoted and hateful diatribe has justifiably evoked rage and disgust throughout the progressive community, and every aspect of the subject has been diaried extensively in the ...
by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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It's been gratifying to see that Jerry Brown is pulling away from Meg Whitman in the race for California's governor. Most people seem to focus on what Whitman has done wrong -- her troubles with her ...
by kaleidescope
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by Bob Johnson
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