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When you get past the specifics This is embarrassing. Holy word salad, Batman! If this is an example of the people who are advising Mitt Romney in his upcoming debates with President Obama ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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It is outrageous enough that President Obama's Chief Economic Advisor Larry Summers openly admitted to the government's double-standard approach regarding forced economic sacrifice when he said ...
by Public D
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Over the past week and a half the idea of an Obama presidency has taken on a new reality. Enough that many are looking past the campaigning to ask about actual policy issues. Will ...
by abe57
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On behalf of Obviousconsin I have called this Press Conference to make the following statement.. I have pulled my entire budget off the table since Republicans are just going to attack me anyway ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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In their focus on the electoral horse-race, the media have ignored a key difference between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- the positions of their foreign policy advisors on the Iraq war. As ...
by PaulLoeb
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John McCain's chief economic adviser helped create what Olbermann calls "a legalized form of insider trading". This is a pretty in-depth report with a lot of details that shows how the road to four ...
by PDonaldson
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Texas is an enormous state, so when an idea dawns here, it may take a while for it to sink in. If you’re our slow-witted Secessionist-in-Chief , Rick Perry, it may take longer still.
by cassandracarolina
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I don’t know how the “conversation” is going to go through November about what makes anyone qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. Some emphasize military experience. Maybe if George W.
by DavidCD
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Looking at the appointments being made by Obama and Hillary Clinton to advise on foreign policy we can safely say the era of; Good or Evil, when referring to those who agree/disagree ...
by LaFeminista
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In the post 9/11 America, the phrase "negotiate with the terrorists" has become a slogan used to derail someone politically. Ever since Barack Obama began proclaiming that he would hold direct talks ...
by TheRationalLeft
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A lot has been discussed lately regarding Senator Obama's experience and ability to govern "from day one". The pool of Presidential candidates from both parties has offered the voters mostly U.S. ...
by jpgod
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