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Wish I could write something in anger and disgust EVERY morning at 2AM then wake up at 7 and have my wife tell me I am on the rec list. Glad you all find this useful. I am just sick and tired of ...
by NearlySomebody
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Goodling/Sampson Obstruction of Justice evidence? For immediate release Wednesday 23 May BBC Television’s Newsnight has 500 “missing” Rove office emails including a series of self-
by GregPalast
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The Bush “Justice” Department now claims that the White House Office of Administration (which, among other things, handles IT services for the White House) is not subject to the FOIA and ...
by R o o k
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According to the AP The National Security Archive and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in ...
by reflectionsv37
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I’m sure we all have gotten more than our share of them. You know - the emails that are debunked by snopes or a source document or even “are you kidding me with that crap?” –
by clammyc
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Update: I inadvertantly failed to adequately acknowledge the main driver of the text search feature of the website: ichi brown . Ichi spent countless hours working ...
by drational
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Whether you watched Christie's entire two-hour press conference, or just catch the highlights, you are certain to pick up Christie's major theme: "I am humiliated and embarrassed." "Someone I ...
by Louise
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The comments to my diary yesterday http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/4/12/54612/8770 provide a virtual "How To Recover 'Missing' E-Mail" manual for Congress. So now the RNC is telling Congress ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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It turns out that bunch of recently released Benghazi-related White House emails were doctored! And just when you thought the GOP had maxed out their bull shit card. Apparently these emails were a ...
by ericlewis0
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Finally, some movement on this. I can only hope it’s the start of a glorious run by the courts to stand up to this criminal regime, and begin to enforce the rule of law; enforcement sorely ...
by markthshark
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A brief but potentially vital heads up..... It's been several weeks since I predicted ...
by Brit
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I undertake this diary at the risk of alienating some “faithful” members of the DailyKos community. The issue of Greg Palast’s modus operandi is nowhere near as important ...
by drational
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More justification that republicans have no interest whatsoever in helping anyone but themselves - and burning the rest of us to the ground. ...
by Verbalpaintball
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by Superduperficial
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I swear it's like d�j� vu all over again. Back in October, I wrote two diaries ...
by markthshark
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We all get them. Those crappy, conservative chain emails that are paranoid rants full of healthy amounts of bullshit that help spread the conservative, bubble mentality. I have, unfortunately, ...
by Shinobi Mystic
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Though it's hard to believe, especially after the seemingly endless coverage about Obama's CHURCH, the Muslim smear emails are STILL circulating. I just got another one today. While I have no ...
by newyorknewyork
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I am a retired government Records Management specialist with a Ph.D. in History. The reason I got into the business was because I believe in preserving the historical record of our local, state and ...
by NCJan
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As the House GOP's probe into the $535 million lost loan to Solyndra heated up, ...
by Jon Perr
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Its like the 2010 teabagger governors compete on who is the biggest bastard. I primarily write about the pain and embarrassment that Rick Scott is to Florida , but I have to give mad props to ...
by SemDem
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